Ich bin ein berliner.yummy.Just watched the tv interview and thought I would look up more information. I'll get back to this once I read the book. I just wanted to comment because I'm at least seeing information I find interesting, which is more than I can say for most topics I find in the social eye today.


This is an excellent point. Levitt isn't a freaky economist, he's just a good economist. If his work is not considered economics then why did he get the Clarke Medal? How about selling economics and saying "look how great economics can be", rather than saying "look how great something different from economics can be".


Comment on the discussion of the exorbitant prices of gas and insurance for rental cars. The WSJ article writer says: "the sophisticated consumers know to reject the supplemental insurance and return the car after gassing it up themselves, thereby taking advantage of the low rental rate and avoiding high markups"And, he goes on, the rental companies take advantage of stupid consumers who pay more. So smart people win.I say individual stupidity isn't the only reason or principal reason why people pay more. Many business travelers who will be reimbursed for travel expenses have no motive to save these costs.


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GPS. I've been slow to adopt, too, but now that I've seen it in action, I'll have to have it.

Satellite radio. Ditto.

Margaret H.

I am a late adopter, too - but one advance in service/technology that I am all over is Zappos.com and shoe shopping over the internet.

The whole "ship to your office with no shipping charges out or on the return" is just absolutely brilliant. If you have specific shoe tastes, hate shopping in real stores, are perpetually short on in free real life time or take a size shoe that isn't something that is stocked in great variety in stores, then Zappos is going to seem like shoe manna from heaven to you.

The price guarantee is awesome, too.


I tend to adopt quickly but find myself wishing I would have waited. However, one thing I could've live without would be my SmartPhone, the Motorola Q. There are a lot of options out there (Treo, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) that combine a PDA and a phone but I have to say, having a detailed calendar and a telephone all in one, compact package, helps me make my meetings and not miss my calls. If you're an e-mail addict like some of us, you can even check that, too.


This isn't new technology but I doubt many have one--and with your family you need it--the all-in-one washer/dryer:

Or better still, the oven that refrigerates so you can start the meal later in the day (even by internet).


Noise Cancelling Headphones. Especially for someone that flies a lot, these can make a world of difference.


I was slow to adopt DVDs because I was still clinging to my LaserDiscs.




You probably already have it, but I order at least 2 times a month from Amazon, and ordering Amazon Prime is worth it to me. I held off for a while, but since having it, the shipping is free and in 2 days!



A laptop.

Docking station for your iPod.

Bluetooth headset for your cellphone.


gMail, for the storage capacity alone.

Wireless anything.

Fuel cell powered car.

Anti-gravity suit.

Phaser. (Hey, I'm just trying to get a freebie!)

Oh, and let's not forget, full-feed RSS.


My, my... you invited the shills into the comment party and they're being distasteful. Anyone mentioning a brand here may not have your best interests at heart, Steven.

That said, my mobile phone with a higher resolution camera makes a huge difference in my life. Give up on the 2MP muck.


By the way, it's funny that so many folks think they are getting free shipping from these different companies. You probably think your employers match your tax withholding, too.


You've got Tivo and wireless in your home so now you need to give up Netflix (or Blockbuster) and use Amazon Unbox. You can order movies or TV shows from your Tivo or from your computer via Amazon. To try it out go to Amazon and search for "Amazon Unbox" or on your Tivo:
Go to Find Programs -> TiVoCast -> Amazon Unbox to browse top sellers and new releases. Or go to Find Programs -> Swivel Search to search for a specific title.


Timothy Uruski

It's not hardware, but I couldn't make it through the day without RSS, and by extension podcasts. If you go to the gym or have a long commute to the office, podcasts are better than radio (in my opinion). You can pause the show and resume it later if you like, and most apps will throw the file out when you're done listening. RSS feels help me stay on task at work by automatically checking for updates to my most-read sites every few hours, rather than me idling away the day checking sites manually.


I agree with Margaret (comment #2) - I've been using zappos.com for years. I can't believe more people don't know about it, what with their great selection, free shipping and returns, and price guarantee. I always order two sizes of each pair I'm getting and then return the one that doesn't fit. Infinitely better than going shoe shopping!

Something I love is bzzagent.com - it is a free program that lets you be an early adopter for new products, websites, and services in exchange for your telling your friends about it. Free marketing for the company, free early adopter status for you!

Jim Podolak

I have been thinking about getting a car with an automatic transmission. I hear they are easier to drive.


Google RSS, with feeds to technorati, gizmodo, techmeme and a few other early adopter sites. Thumbing through these in your free time will show you all of the upcoming tech trends and why they will change your life. Keep it up for a week and I promise you'll know more about tech then you ever wanted to.

Or get a Wii, god that thing is fun.