A quick quiz

For a Freakonomics t-shirt and a signed copy of the book:

What is the most notable thing that my wife Jeannette and LeBron James have in common?

The first person to guess what I have in mind wins. None of the wimpy stuff Dubner does, giving away a second prize to people who answer the question correctly, but later, giving the excuse they live in the wrong time zone.

This is not an easy question, but my guess is that someone will get it. If no one has gotten it by this afternoon I will toss out a clue.

Clue #1: I only learned today that LeBron and Jeannette share this thing.


They're both 6'8" and first round draft picks?


Same high school


They both shoot baskets right-handed but write with their left hands?

John V

Same high school

John V

Darn, too late. Same home town or same street growing up?

Jeff J

They both went to St. Vincent - St. Mary High School in Akron?


They are both in the process of building a multi-million dollar mansion complete with a bowling alley outside of Cleveland?


You both have a passion for statistics.


They both like to bite or chew on their nails.


They both skipped high school to go pro.


They both have tendinitis in their knee


Same birthday.


same middle name?

Stephen McCartney

They both fell foul of NCAA eligibility rules?


Shoot/throw right-handed, but they write left-handed.


They both know Warren Buffet


Both expecting a another child?

I was going to say the right / left hand thing someone beat me to it...


They're both Cavaliers


They both love poker.


Your wife's mother bought her a Hummer, but was accused of doing it on the basis of expected future earnings?
Sure it's a stretch...but it's slightly more likely to win the prize than no answer.