Bottled Water Is the Enemy

Mayor Ken Livingstone of London is urging his citizens to forego bottled water in light of the drag it puts on the environment. Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York has done the same. Others, meanwhile, have taken the further step of an outright ban on bottled water. Your thoughts?

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  1. Pete says:

    Just government trying control one more thing they have no business being involved in.

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  2. Fazal Majid says:

    You must be thinking of San Francisco, which has not exactly banned bottled water, just refused to spend city funds on it. I stopped buying bottled water a long time ago and just use a Brita pitcher. When your water comes from good sources, like San Francisco (Hetch Hetchy reservoir) or New York (Catskills), you can just run it through a filter to get rid of sediment and it will be much better than most bottled water anyway (no plastic residues).

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  3. B K Ray says:

    It is a horrible environmental dent. The cost to create and fill the bottles, to move the water it is a lot of carbon emissions involved and should be prohibitively priced. IN Chicago, it has a $.10 tax on it.

    At one time, it seemed like a reasonable thing too, but now, it is a gross mismangement of rescources. Evian should be an occasional treat, not an everyday requirement.

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  4. Old Timer says:

    Bottled water never really made sense anyway – except for the occasional need for a disposable vessel. For the rational economist, under normal circumstances, tap water is the better option (cost vs. taste vs. safety, etc.). For the past 25 years or so, the American public has been dup’d by a very effective marketing campaign. It’s nice to see the Yuppies have grown up & are willing to end a problem that they are largely responsible for starting. It never occurred to me that bottled water could be an option for me until I saw Meg Ryan drinking bottled water in When Harry Met Sally.

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  5. Shan says:

    It’s about time.

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  6. D Martin says:

    It would seem funny that a government would ask you to stop using a product manufactured privately and ask you to use the less scrutizined public water supply. I imagine that privately bottled water, no matter it’s environmental costs, is still scrutinized further and is safer than public water. I’m not sure cities have the environment in mind. Sounds sketchy to me.

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  7. Alex W says:

    We’re calling on people to stop drinking exhorbitantly over priced bottled water and donating the money saved to finance clean water infrastructure in undevelopped and developping areas of Africa. We’ve only been around about a year but we’ve already started making a difference and we continue to expand the area we are serving.

    Municipal water supplies in this part of the world (North America, I’m referring to) are under far more scrutiny than any water bottling company. Municipal resources fall under strict government controls that do not apply to private industry.

    In any case, all the information you need is on the website.

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  8. Doug says:

    Use glass!

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