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If your GPS device said to drive off a cliff, would you?

Computer program socks it to the spinners.(Earlier)

A sport you can win by knockout or checkmate.

Airborne: wonder tonic or just cleverly marketed?


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  1. Stephen de las Heras says:

    That spin program seems like pure nonsense. You can’t judge spin from individual words. Spin relates directly to the meaning of a particular sentence. And how it relates to reality.

    Politicians can carefully use qualifiers, without spinning. They can also talk more abstractly without spinning.

    Spinning is just emphasizing the positives and diminishing the negatives. It’s what sales people are trained to do. And the only way to judge spinning is to compare stated facts to objective reality viewed from an impartial perspective.

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  2. Keith Cruden says:

    All politicians lie. How they spin it is irrelevant. I hope that the ‘research’ wasn’t paid for with public money.

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  3. jobob says:

    chess boxing has been around for a long time

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