I agree these don't belong here. They aren't even funny. At least be clever enough to fill in every space...


Thanks Tom, for enlightening all us... Anybody who has gone to elementary school (at least since 1994) knows what a Venn diagram is. There is no need to belittle anybody. Also, anybody who has ten fingers can google the history of it. If this blog can teach us anything, please don't take yourself too seriously...


Huh? What are these drawings doing on the Freakonomics blog? They don't belong here. Because Freakonomics is about freak and onomics, and not about other stuff. Get rid of these!




These "intersecting circles" are called Venn diagrams. They were invented in 1881 by a logician named John Venn, and are used in mathematics to describe sets and the way they overlap. Indexed is funny not because Jessica has invented a new way of showing information, but because she has taken an old way of showing information and is using it in an original way.


RE GoingLikeSixty: I dont think she's the first to make entertaining Venn diagrams. I remember seeing similar stuff many years ago.


You protect intersecting circle gags by being recognized as the absolute master of intersecting circle gags.

I think things are well in hand here.

Robert S. Porter

If one takes a stroll along any college campus you will find that there are many people who wear sweatpants despite the fact they lack all three of those qualities.


I have been a huge fan of your work. It bothers me that has ripped off your concept in an ad running in the latest issue of Forbes.

I don't know how you protect intersecting circles, but if you can/have, you might want to look up a copy of the magazine.


It's like she's looking into my apartment.


That one made me laugh out loud.


Congratulations on being a full-fledged freakonomics blog author!




Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George begins wearing sweatpants in public.


not sure if jessica or comedian demetri martin was first with this kind of stuff - either way, someone's ripping off someone else's highly entertaining schtick. or else they're the same person.


Well sdfs, I suppose we might as well go inscribe that in the tree in the recess yard.

Jess and Dubner, sitting in a tree...


This is the first time one of these "Indexed" thingies has made me chuckle. I didn't LOL, but I did chuckle.


Chris, GoingLikeSixty is obviously unfamiliar with Venn diagrams outside the context of Indexed. Somehow I feel that your suggestion that he/she lacks the knowledge of an elementary school student is more belittling than my explanation.


Nathan: Shut up. Jessica Hagy is brilliant, and if you weren't such a numbskull you would know that. :)


I dunno, I like a shapely butt in grey sweats.
Do you think that's a fetish?
I've never had a fetish before.