Indexed: Not-So-Golden Fleece

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  1. DC says:

    Congratulations on being a full-fledged freakonomics blog author!

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  2. GoingLikeSixty says:

    I have been a huge fan of your work. It bothers me that has ripped off your concept in an ad running in the latest issue of Forbes.

    I don’t know how you protect intersecting circles, but if you can/have, you might want to look up a copy of the magazine.

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  3. Robert S. Porter says:

    If one takes a stroll along any college campus you will find that there are many people who wear sweatpants despite the fact they lack all three of those qualities.

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  4. Tudza says:

    You protect intersecting circle gags by being recognized as the absolute master of intersecting circle gags.

    I think things are well in hand here.

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  5. sw says:

    RE GoingLikeSixty: I dont think she’s the first to make entertaining Venn diagrams. I remember seeing similar stuff many years ago.

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  6. Tom says:

    These “intersecting circles” are called Venn diagrams. They were invented in 1881 by a logician named John Venn, and are used in mathematics to describe sets and the way they overlap. Indexed is funny not because Jessica has invented a new way of showing information, but because she has taken an old way of showing information and is using it in an original way.

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  7. sdfs says:

    JH + SD

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  8. Colin says:

    Well sdfs, I suppose we might as well go inscribe that in the tree in the recess yard.

    Jess and Dubner, sitting in a tree…

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