How Much Would You Pay for a $50 Target Gift Card?

If your eBay user name is lpinok, then the answer is $55.71.

This seems to defy all logic. The item description is: “Just a $50 gift card to Target … .”

Why would anyone pay more than face value?

(Hat tip: David Hansen)


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  1. Jesse says:

    Maybe Target’s having a sale ;)

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  2. lpinok says:

    Apparently Mr. Levitt is more impervious to advertising than I am. Are you not aware that “It’s more fun if you win it”?

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  3. Jeff S. says:

    Almost any form of gambling seems to defy all logic as well. It’s all in the utility.

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  4. luke says:

    Fraudsters commonly overbid because they will never actually pay. The instrument of payment will be fake, or they will simply receive the goods and not send payment in return. Perhaps that is what happened here?

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  5. JP says:

    gift cards at face value are a scam. They reduce buying power for your buck.

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  6. discordian says:

    Same reason people will pay $30.00 shipping and handling for a DVD…Because people are dumb.
    I need to take advantage of that more often.

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  7. Shail says:

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    • dave says:

      they can just buy a gift card at for the face value with free shipping.

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    • coren says:

      Late to the game, but you never pay tax on a gift card, you pay it on the purchase you make with it.

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  8. marlo stanfield says:

    Maybe its being used by gangs to pick up burners.

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