Heigl's Candor

You may like Katherine Heigl because she is very pretty, but there are other reasons to like her too: She is really, really candid.

If you’re not too busy looking for more links to Heigl pictures, you may want to read a bit about the economics of candor in this (gated) paper by Oliver E. Williamson.


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  1. K says:

    Hmm, pictures of a pretty lady for free or a paper from The Academy of Management Review for $15…

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  2. Colin says:

    “The fact that I am not considered amongst the best actresses is not my fault at all. It’s all the writers. I am faultless.”

    Writers, meet the bottom of the bus….

    Something tells me she won’t like the scripts she gets next season….

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  3. Quin says:

    The article said she complains about the poor parts she was given this season on GA as not being Emmy-worthy. That *could be* less of an honest moment with Kat, and more of a public airing an internal dispute with her writers or producers.

    Also, if she objected to the sexism of “Knocked Up,” why did she do it? (I haven’t seen it, but if it’s anything like Aptow’s other big hit “40 Year Old Virgin”, which treated women like pieces of male sexual apparatus to be used and discarded — despite the “redemptive” ending, I don’t doubt the accuracy of her comment.) Perhaps she should contribute all her proceeds from that film to advancing the cause of women everywhere. Otherwise she has just accepted fame and fortune at the cost of perpetuating false views of women.

    All I’m saying is that her apparent candor might have other motives.

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  4. Bill Barol says:

    “… Reasons to like her”? Pul-leez. Publicly trashing the show’s writers isn’t all that attractive, is it?

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  5. dev says:

    Yeah, it seems like she’s throwing the writers and show runner under the bus there. Her character probably should stay away from the top of the Space Needle or any elevator shafts next season.

    I don’t understand how this actually helps anyone, considering that she hasn’t even been nominated yet. It would be one thing if she was already up for the award, but if she truly didn’t have the material to merit a nomination then she should have no worries about getting nominated. It seems awfully presumptive to think otherwise. Essentially she’s saying that the Academy members have an unfair positive bias towards her and that they’re incapable of making a judgment based purely on merit, therefore she has to disqualify herself. So not only is she insulting the writers, she’s discounting the Academy voters as well.

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  6. Roger says:

    That is not candor. That is a vicious and deliberate and PUBLIC attack directed at her co-workers – the writers.

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  7. Dan says:

    I heard she is trying to get out of her Grey’s anatomy contract which this will help her do.

    The show can’t purposely right bad and keep her on, cause ratings will suffer from a poorly written story. So I’m guessing we’ll see an untimely death for our Grey’s Anatomoy Blonde.

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  8. MM says:

    “… Reasons to like her”? Pul-leez. Publicly trashing the show’s writers isn’t all that attractive, is it?

    – Posted by Bill Barol

    The show has been horrible since it first appeared on TV. She should have complained years ago. I usually like medical shows but this one I could not stand. I watched the first half of the first season and I couldn’t take it anymore. Then I watched the post-superbowl episode which was surprisingly good, until…

    The ending had to be the worst ending I have ever seen in all films, TV shows, plays, anything that has ever existed.

    Its funny because I like most of the actors on the show, but the show I cannot stand.

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