Heigl’s Candor

You may like Katherine Heigl because she is very pretty, but there are other reasons to like her too: She is really, really candid.

If you’re not too busy looking for more links to Heigl pictures, you may want to read a bit about the economics of candor in this (gated) paper by Oliver E. Williamson.


Don't read to much into her statement. It was simply one statement in a whole interview, saying "it was a little sexist". Not exactly big news... just a candid admission. You know how magazine interviews are.


Seems like a cheap shot at the writers to me.

Maybe I'm like a decade behind, but I thought the female stereotype was flighty women vs. capable mature men.


I hate that show. Well, I used to actually enjoy it when there were compelling doctor patient plot lines and all of the relationship stuff was there, but didn't overwhelm the show...the relationship between Meredith and her mother and father and stepmother was a very compelling story that the writers absolutely dropped the ball on. The show was very good in the beginning because it balanced this mix.

I am sure that Heigl wants out for a movie career, but I'm also sure that she's also doing it because Shonda Rimes basically destroyed not only her character but also her own show.


Love the blog, but this isn't a very intelligent post. As a writer in Hollywood, it was a slap in the face, and I can guarantee you that after this and the Knocked Up stuff, many people will not want to work with her again. However good or bad Grey's is, it gave her career a huge boost -- you don't turn on the people that helped you become a star.

TV shows are team efforts. Everyone has to be on their game, and still often it comes down to just luck. Everything gels or it doesn't. Writers and directors with power will not work with someone who has talks trash, so Heigl will probably be working with mostly B-listers from here on in and her career will suffer. Candor in Hollywood is a killer.


What is the deal with these entries in which the author is attributed only as "Freakonomics"? I would like to know whom to hold accountable for this less-than-enlightening post.


It's called the "I-don't-have-a-chance-to-win-so-how-do-I-come-off-looking-better-than-the-winner?"

I tried this once. I was about to get a bad review and I knew it. As we sat down, I magnanimously said, "I don't feel that I have been able to perform at the level I want to perform at, so I cannot take a raise."

I don't know what I thought that would do--"Oh, you don't accept a raise? In that case you did a great job!"


dan p

cy, I was referring to the comments regarding 'Knocked Up', not Grey's Anatomy.

As a previous poster said, if she really had a problem with the movie being sexist, she should have been candid then (or not taken the part). "Speaking your mind" after the fact doesn't speak to any sparkling personality qualities she possesses, it just shows that she is a hypocrite (willing to take on a 'sexist' project for money and fame while perpetuating said 'sexism') and thus no different than almost anyone else in the media industry.

She used the words shrewish and uptight herself, and that's my opinion of how her comments come across. How are you going to knock a movie that propels you to stardom? (Because I didn't know or care who she was until I saw it)

Denny Duquette

I just love her and her big blabbermouth. Always have and always will. Sure it's not very classy but who cares about class in the industry she's in? At least she's never dull and always has something entertaining and out-of-the-box to spout. There should be more outspoken people like her, really. At least she doesn't suck up but speaks her mind.


As a GA fan, I agree with Heigl. They trashed her character at the end of the 2007 season and she hasn't had good plotlines in 07-08.

Most fans really, really, really hated what Shonda Rimes did at the end of the season last year - she broke up all of the romantic couples under a directive of "burn it down, tear it all down." After that finale, I had no reason to want to tune in for the 2007/08 season. What they had Heigl's character doing was especially horrible - breaking up a marriage that the fans DID support. Rimes really turned the fan base against Heigl's character. We had been cheering for her as the "trailer park girl" who was making her own way in medicine. Now we just saw her as...well, you can take the girl out of the trailer park....

But I doubt she is doing her cause any good in being candid about it. I think she has a better chance than most actresses who leave a series for film. But I've seen so many who were great in their TV role who sunk swiftly out of sight once they left for greener pastures.



"... Reasons to like her"? Pul-leez. Publicly trashing the show's writers isn't all that attractive, is it?

- Posted by Bill Barol

The show has been horrible since it first appeared on TV. She should have complained years ago. I usually like medical shows but this one I could not stand. I watched the first half of the first season and I couldn't take it anymore. Then I watched the post-superbowl episode which was surprisingly good, until...

The ending had to be the worst ending I have ever seen in all films, TV shows, plays, anything that has ever existed.

Its funny because I like most of the actors on the show, but the show I cannot stand.


I heard she is trying to get out of her Grey's anatomy contract which this will help her do.

The show can't purposely right bad and keep her on, cause ratings will suffer from a poorly written story. So I'm guessing we'll see an untimely death for our Grey's Anatomoy Blonde.


Hmm, pictures of a pretty lady for free or a paper from The Academy of Management Review for $15...


dan p, what are you talking about? how does her statement(even if she is throwing the writers under the bus) make her seem uptight? people make comments like this all the time and i've never seen anyone suggest that the commenter was uptight.

dan p

I wonder if she consciously enjoys the perks of being hot? And if she recognizes how much her attractiveness has helped her in landing these sexist and poorly-written roles?

She says 'Knocked Up' was sexist because it portrays women as 'uptight shrews' ... yet her 'candor' makes her seem uptight. Don't look the gift horse in the mouth.


I may be in the minority, but I *do* see it as candor. I think it's much easier in her shoes to put her name in the hat knowing that her winning already, being a movie star now, and being pretty gives her a better than average shot at winning again. But it's true, the show is poorly written and has been from the beginning. It may be an attempt to get off the show, but it could be an honest attempt to let someone more deserving win. Her saying the writing is bad isn't news to anyone who has sat through the show. It's also very Hollywood to praise everyone in public and snipe behind their back, but she said it the way she sees it. I doubt if it was the first time she'd said it.


I'm so happy to see that all of you that criticize her for being honest about the sexism in the Knocked Up have the perfect job that fits exactly with your moral standards and never asks you to make ethical choices in order further your career. What a bunch of hypocrites. Why don't you flame all the women that star in sexist movies for money but never own up to it instead?


That is not candor. That is a vicious and deliberate and PUBLIC attack directed at her co-workers - the writers.


Yeah, it seems like she's throwing the writers and show runner under the bus there. Her character probably should stay away from the top of the Space Needle or any elevator shafts next season.

I don't understand how this actually helps anyone, considering that she hasn't even been nominated yet. It would be one thing if she was already up for the award, but if she truly didn't have the material to merit a nomination then she should have no worries about getting nominated. It seems awfully presumptive to think otherwise. Essentially she's saying that the Academy members have an unfair positive bias towards her and that they're incapable of making a judgment based purely on merit, therefore she has to disqualify herself. So not only is she insulting the writers, she's discounting the Academy voters as well.

Bill Barol

"... Reasons to like her"? Pul-leez. Publicly trashing the show's writers isn't all that attractive, is it?


"The fact that I am not considered amongst the best actresses is not my fault at all. It's all the writers. I am faultless."

Writers, meet the bottom of the bus....

Something tells me she won't like the scripts she gets next season....