Warning for tourists to Italy - Italian police in recent months have arrested/charged/fined tourists who have purchased knock off goods... seen as a serious problem/challenge for Italian fashion industry

Chart != Art

Forget the rest of the country, I wonder if the artist knows what Canal street is like. Not sure how its linked with shrieking.


Hey ED! I beg to differ! I got a cute, well constructed handbag for $10 on Canal Street. Of course, it was not one of the many Gucci, Chanel or Coach knockoffs sold in the back rooms of Canal Street either. But I like it and get lots of compliments on it.

FWIW, my 'favorite' knockoff handbag was in the style of Coach patchwork, but with Etienne Aigner horseshoe logos with the Coach C logo interspersed on the fabrics. TWO knockoffs in ONE! I wonder if she got a good deal, or if she knew how ignoring she looked carrying it.

E. D.

Canal St. is an infamous street of knockoff handbags, thus the theft and handbags, where shrieks of joy can be heard from tweens and shallow suburbanites as they see that they too can have the appearance of a ridiculously overpriced handbag, but with the build quality of a wet paper bag.


Canal St is Chinatown. All these Chinese people just yell at you to buy watch, purse, and DVD (not plural on purpose).


Care to explain what this means to those of us who don't live in the Metro NY area and haven't been to Canal St.?


i love these things. i wonder if the rest of the country know what canal street is like. it seems like such a new york thing...


For what it's worth, my wife bought a faux Coach purse on Canal once that later happened to be seen by a friend who manages a Coach store. The friend went pale and said that even after she was told of its provenance, she couldn't find anything that would mark it as a knockoff.

Two theories:

1) My wife actually bought a Coach bag that had "fallen off the truck"

2) As often happens, the bag my wife bought, while not authorized by Coach, was actually illictly made on the side by the same factory who produces the real thing. (This is not an uncommon occurrence in the clothing/accessory industry.)

3) Say what you will about the morality of buying a knockoff, but some of them are of fairly good quality. I've also seen Rolex knockoffs that, when taken apart, turned out to be manufactured to very high standards and contain excellent gears and movements.

Not being into purses, I can't comment on how it looks, but it's endured fairly heavy use for a couple years now and still looks nearly new.