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How much should your car repair really cost?

The economics of acting. (HT: Joe Clark)

Plus-sized instruments have trouble flying. (HT: Eric Samuelson) (Earlier)

The Craigslist of parking spots. (HT: Natalie Parker) (Earlier)


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  1. Mike B says:

    Regarding the acting article the problem is the Union, plain and simple. The archaic work rules make it impossible for amateurs engage in acting in a part time or hobby basis. By requiring that any actor be a guild member you restrict the pool of actors to those who act enough to pay the union dues. I’m all for Unions protecting worker safety and getting a fair wage, but far too often Unions go to far with their featherbedding and end up killing the industry they function in.

    All sorts of people with day jobs or families or living out their retirement would love the chance to get into “dream activities” on a part time or informal basis. Often they end up paying money for the privilege. Union imposed barriers to entry prevent a huge pool of talent from ever placing their skills in the market place. Of course that’s the point, by restricting entry the Union raises compensation for the “full time” actors. Well, at least until the production moves to Vancouver where it can hire the actors it needs without all the BS.

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  2. Jason B says:

    In the article about flying with musical instruments, Bruce Fife is the president of Musicians Union Local 99.

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  3. Helen says:

    When my son was a college student, it was possible to purchase an additional airline seat for the instrument. (The airline had to remove the seat part, and the instrument had to occupy a window seat in a non-exit aisle.) But, with four years of flying across the country, the cello even had its own frequent flyer account.

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