Our Daily Bleg: What Are the Best Corporate Mottoes?

Our resident quote bleggar Fred Shapiro, editor of the Yale Book of Quotations, is back with another request. If you have a bleg of your own — it needn’t have anything to do with quotations — send it along here.

This week I would like to solicit suggestions of famous, official or unofficial, internal corporate mottoes.

I mean things like Google’s “Don’t be evil” or IBM’s “THINK,” which are directed at guiding employees or focusing corporate strategy rather than being advertising slogans.

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  1. rageon says:

    When I worked for Amazon.com in Grand Forks, ND, they wanted us to come up with a slogan for their new “Marketplace Sellers” system. The local favorite was “Grand Forks jobs with benefits.”

    It was not chosen.

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  2. Lee says:

    Microsoft: “Change the world or go home” http://bit.ly/2kYN96

    Microsoft: “Your potential. Our passion.” (thanks to Kishore;)

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  3. MBirchmeier says:

    “The beatings will continue until morale improves” comes to mind.

    On a more serious note when I was working at a local grocery store “What can I do for YOU today?” was a popular slogan for a while.

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  4. Tribrix says:


    “Always do what is right by the customer” and

    “The customer is always right”


    “Sure it’s ugly, but it gets you there” (w/ a pic of the lunar lander)

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  5. Jenn S. says:

    I work for the American Cancer Society, and our employee oriented motto is:

    Save Lives. Fulfill Yours.

    It works, and orients toward the organizational mission.

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  6. Mike says:


    “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps”

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  7. G Frankel says:

    Oakland Raiders…’Just Win Baby!’

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  8. h-mies says:

    In no particular order the first that come to mind:

    AVIS “We try harder” (2nd in market share, car rentals)

    Nokia “Connecting people” (leading mobile manufacturer)

    Neste Oil “Refining the future” (a finnish oil refining company)

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