Current.tv features user generated ads, and announced at the Web 2.0 summit Thursday that they had signed up multiple multi-million dollar advertising deals...



No Don Draper reference?

James Altucher

The main difference between an amateur video and a professional one is money. If you want to spend $1mm on a commercial it will have a completely different look and feel.

I, for one, love brands and products that remind me of my childhood. I love Crest. The colors, the taste, the texture. I could imagine people having fun making a video about Crest. From Crest's perspective, what could be wrong with people having fun, while interacting with their brand.

And, to the second comment above - yes, sadly there are many $1mm commercials that are really awful and can't compare with a good ol' fashioned fun video made by amateurs.

Colgate user

Looks like the skeptics who said amateurs wouldn't be able to make an effective product was right.

Might generate some YouTube traffic, but I wouldn't base a buying decision on it.


Not any worse than the Barbasol shave creme commercial I saw the other night. Ouch!

Bryan Matthews

We live in a time where Tivo and other DVR boxes are surging into the lives of millions and millions of families. If other DVR users are anything like myself, they only watch commercials that they choose to watch (a new Apple commercial is never something to miss,) OR they skip the commercials altogether.

I certainly hear the arguments of the skeptics of user-generated content as advertisement, but I’m not ready to write off the area’s potential quite so quickly. There may be some real value in having your product on You Tube where the audience is voluntary.

Advertising may very well be ripe for something new. Personally, I am interested in where things could go.