Prediction: David Gregory Will Be a Great Meet the Press Host

It looks like David Gregory has been selected by NBC to replace the late Tim Russert as host of Meet the Press. I predict he will flourish.


I don’t know much about his talent, since I’ve rarely seen him on TV. My prediction is based on the fact that he is, by my reckoning, approximately 17 feet tall.

He is so tall that President Bush‘s nickname for Gregory was Stretch.

As we’ve written here before, taller people are more successful — perhaps, it has been argued, because taller people simply have greater I.Q.’s.

But I have some firsthand evidence that Gregory uses his height to his advantage in other ways.

Back in September at the Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin came onto the stage very early in the morning, at about 6:20 a.m. local time, to suss out the surroundings for her coming-out speech later that evening.

I happened to be just down the hall from the arena at the time (doing The Takeaway), so I hurried inside. There were maybe a dozen other journalists there, lined up at the front of the stage, most of them camera people. Gov. Palin didn’t respond to anyone’s shouted questions, so everyone basically stood there gawking at her.

INSERT DESCRIPTIONPalin on stage, moments before the Gregory cloud descended.

Suddenly, the bright stage lights seemed to have been dimmed — at least from my perspective — as if the sun had gone behind a cloud. The cloud was David Gregory.

He had marched up front and, without a word, planted his gigantic self in front of the rest of us in order to try to speak to one of Palin’s handlers. So I, and the others around me, were left looking at Gregory’s very broad, very tall back. We laughed at Gregory’s pushiness — but, you had to admit, here was a guy with a job to do and damn it, he was going to do it, even if it meant blocking out the sun for a handful of lowly colleagues.

And so, based on this tiny piece of evidence, I predict that Gregory has the gumption, the forthrightness, the self-esteem, and most of all the height to stand up to the most inside Washington insiders, to ask tough questions that the rest of us might not ask, and to otherwise prosper in his new role. I wish him luck, but I doubt he needs it.

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  1. frankenduf says:

    I thought the chair was the great equalizer

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  2. DJH says:

    Both factions of the blogosphere are enraged over David Gregory’s choice to host MtP. Apparently he’s in favor of the Iraq War or something — I’m not exactly sure how, but I don’t suppose that matters — so the Lefties are up in arms; they’re demanding Rachel Maddow (for reasons which similarly escape me). And the Righties are furious ’cause Gregory famously does not get along with the outgoing president, whom they worship; I suppose only Karl Rove would suffice for them.

    Ain’t mindless ideological purity wonderful?

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  3. Mark @ News Corpse says:

    I’m a leftie who is not all that thrilled about Karl Rove’s backup dancer helming MTP.

    That said, he has rather small shoe to fill given that Russert’s legacy is as the go-to program for the Bush press office.

    See this:

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  4. RG says:

    If taller people have higher I.Q.’s, does that explain why so many actors are short?

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  5. Hooser Paul says:

    I would have preferred Chuck Todd, but I also thing Gregory will do quite well.

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  6. Matt says:

    Actually for a long time, perhaps before the time he started calling him Stretch, 43 called him … Gregory, as if that was his first name.

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  7. Frank Johnson says:

    I would like to see meet the press select someone who was objective and the audience unable to decipher his political leanings. Too often today the moderator acts as a partisan and in most cases this means far left leaning—need I comment on he sends tingles up my leg. That was probably the most unprofessional comment I have eaver heard–maybe equal to Helen Thomas’s blathering.

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  8. rob says:

    yeah…but then there is this video from a few years back of david gregory bustin’ a move with karl rove: disturbing, but hilarious!

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