What's in a Name? Four Thousand and Fifty Dollars

It may be a gag, but from the looks of this eBay page, someone just sold the naming rights for her unborn baby — and two pairs of Nike Air baby booties — for $4,050.

She doesn’t care what name the buyer chooses, but hopes it’s not one that will get her child’s “butt kicked.”

The seller writes she did it because after having three kids, “the novelty of ‘naming the baby’ has worn off.”

But she adds another reason:

I have a huge pile of unpaid bills (mostly) medical expenses from this pregnancy, [and] I don’t have maternity coverage … If I have to stop working before the day I go into labor, then I’m probably gonna lose my house and my car. So what’s a girl to do?

Did the buyer see an opportunity for creative charitable giving, or is there some other hidden benefit to naming a child that’s worth paying $4,050 for?

According to the seller, the chosen name — and maybe a motive — will be revealed on her blog shortly.

(Hat tip: Hulya Eraslan)

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  1. derek says:

    Okay, so I’ll be the jerk to point out that if you’re that hard up, maybe you shouldn’t have the kid in the first place…

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  2. Vidal-CMS says:

    The mother should hope that the child doesn’t hate her in the future. Maybe the kid will have a sense of humor and love her for it. That’s just the risk the mother took. She obviously didn’t take ethics into consideration. Personally, I would not sell naming rights for my child. If I really needed the money I would sell naming rights for my name (obviously I would change it), an idea that Ben said “then auction off the rights for someone to change YOUR name.”
    On another note, why did the mother have the baby in the first place?
    I truly hope that those $4,050 pay off ALL her bills.

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  3. Adam says:

    1) Make phony ebay posting
    2) Mention your blog driving up hits
    3) Profit

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  4. kdg says:

    Why not? There are certainly some folks who might have benefitted from this process: Gweyneth Paltrow, Lisa Bonet, Jason Lee, etc…

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  5. econobiker says:

    It looks like that online casino did not win the naming rights. She seemed pretty clueless about using her work email for ebay stuff plus getting fired due to the pregnancy (big illegal thing).

    And that she was working 50 hours a week at a place that didn’t seem to have good health insurance…

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  6. George Tenet Fangirl says:

    This kid is going to go by a nickname 99% of the time.

    How much would the rights to a nickname go for?

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  7. Lord says:

    No doubt GoldenPalaceCasino.com or some other such.

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  8. Ben says:

    #11 is credited.
    I would name the baby ‘Tubal Ligation’.

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