A Naked Economist in Washington?


Charles Wheelan, author of Naked Economics and a lecturer in public policy at the University of Chicago, launched his bid for the U.S. House of Representatives.

While Wheelan is a long shot, not so many years ago you would have said the same thing about an unknown lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School named Barack Obama.

This is precedent, believe it or not, when it comes to University of Chicago economists achieving political success.

Paul Douglas, a professor in the University of Chicago economics department (best known for the Cobb-Douglas function), served in the United States Senate for nearly 20 years.

(For those who are interested, Wheelan describes his core economic principles in this petition, and he’s asking other economists to sign the petition if they agree.)


We always need more scientists, engineers, and economists in office. Rather than the majority who's education is centered around how to get elected to office.

Ian Patrick

What you/we don't need is more lawyers. Is it not in Julius Caesar that Cassius (?) says'Let's first kill all the lawyers'. A bit drastic but you get the drift!

The Policy Boy

Charlie is an interesting case that's for sure. Should be an interesting race if nothing else. And I agree with DrS, more economist is a good thing. Lawyers have done enough damage attempting to make the market do what they wish it to do.



His book is a fantastic logical defense of markets and I hope to hell he makes it.


Is that a veiled statement of intent. Perhaps Senator Steve Levitt is now a twinkle in your eye - tough to argue once a precedent is set.

From my side, it would be interesting to see what you could do in office.

Richard McKnight

Economic Stimulus
Now everyone is an expert! Too little too late. HOWEVER
In my opinion one way to effect the most is to legislate as penalty to the "BAD BOY BANKS" that they renegotiate ALL mortgages down to 4 -4.5% so every homeowner will benefit by the savings every month and have money to get the economy going and restart the housing market and building. Creates jobs in a lot of sectors and eases the hurt! Housing market prices will stabilize and buying will begin.


I have no interest in Charlie's brand of a thinly-veiled social contract. Since when does Public Policy count as Economics?
He'll never make it out of the Democratic Primary, anyway.
Drawing a parallel to Barrack is a bit much, since Charlie will likely have to win his election. He won't have the good fortune of scandal or other misfortune falling on his opponents the way the President did after his initial trouncing by Jackson.