Choosing the Name of the Year

| The proprietors of the Name of the Year contest “can’t imagine topping last year’s death struggle between Destiny Frankenstein and Spaceman Africa.” But these are hopeful times. They’ve collected and verified 64 of the weirdest names they could find. They’re now taking your votes for a winner. (HT: MJS) [%comments]


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  1. John says:

    My sister is a nurse and she told me she had a friend who had a taken care of a baby named La-a (pronounced La-dash-a)

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  2. Ben says:

    Would such an award help or hurt one’s career?

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  3. Thomas B. says:

    I’m pulling for Dr. Shasta Kielbasa. Can we get this up on a prediction market?

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  4. Eric B. says:

    Surely Chief Kickingstallionsims, Alabama State’s 7’1″ center should at least be included the bracket. He would have to be the only person to participate in both the NCAA Tourney (his team lost the play-in game) and this tournament.

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  5. DiRadical says:

    Both Taco van der Velde and Jonny Kool would not be considered strange at all in the Netherlands.

    Taco is a Germanic name, it means people.
    Kool as a last name means cabbage.

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  6. Sven J. says:

    Parris Duffus (14th seed Bulltron Region) was the goalie for the Cornell University hockey team while I lived in Ithaca; 1991 – 1994. The Cornell student section had a rowdy cheer where they would alternate pointing at the Cornell goalie and yelling “Duff-us” and then at the opposing goalie and yelling “Duf-us”. It was pretty impressive, along with many of their other cheers.

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  7. Dick Vitale says:

    This is March “Name of the Year” Madness BABY! It’s gonna awesome, BABY! GET ON YOUR FEET! THE CROWD IS SCREAMING! Everyone’s going crazy! Yeah! Yeah Yeah! It’s awesome, BABY! AWESOME!

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