Overconsumption in Your DNA?

Could half of Americans be carrying genes that predispose them to going into debt? At least one team of researchers thinks so. For some time, people have argued that obesity is genetic. But if it’s true that slim wallets and thick waistlines are closely interrelated, then this research adds an interesting piece to that puzzle. Our genes may predispose us to poor financial or physical health, and our behavior in one realm certainly affects the other. [%comments]


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  1. coldtusker says:

    Nurture over nature…

    Good eating habits from childhood make a difference… as do lessons/observation of spending habits…

    Sure, there are a few bad apples or those who fall off the wagon but we do not need a study telling Americans that obesity is OK… or over-spending…

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  2. dnm says:

    coldtusker, it really isn’t that simple. If these are in fact genetic traits, it will help us better understand *AND TREAT* them.

    it doesn’t mean every fat overspender will just go, “meh. genes” as they hand over their nearly maxed VISA to buy a second Big Mac with extra cheese.

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  3. William says:

    we do not need a study telling Americans that obesity is OK

    You seem to be committing the naturalistic fallacy – nothing about a genetic predisposition to trait X implies that trait X is somehow virtuous. It is simply an explanatory tool.

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  4. Michael says:

    Wonderful. I’m glad irresponsible people will have a new way to blame someone other than themselves for their problems.

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  5. Shay Guy says:

    Since your genes are part of you, isn’t it still blaming themselves?

    And again, it’s about understanding, not excusing.

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  6. Joe says:

    Right about now some fat overspenders might actually help the economy. Perhaps this group also has a predisposition to risk that may not always serve themselves but might help society at large under trying times such as now.

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  7. Ian Kemmish says:

    One assumes that evolution will throw up both species which binge during the good times, get population explosions, and then somehow struggle through the lean times, as well as species which carefully control their consumption, and with impeccable manners leave food available for their competitors to use during the good times.

    But, looking around, you don’t see many surviving species that exhibit the latter behaviour. Wonder why that might be?

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  8. David Gilblom says:

    Funny how everyone connects overspending with obesity.. does there have to be a link?

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