Pay-as-You-Wish Gaming

Wolfire Games offers a unique pricing model on their Humble Indie Bundle of five computer games. Buyers can pay what they want for the games, and they can direct some or all of their payment to charity (or the game developers). Interestingly, people are still pirating the Humble Indie Bundle even though “they could get it just by donating a penny to charity.” (HT: Tyler Reid)[%comments]


@15 --

"Pay as you want is generally annoying to me."

Then pay nothing, or next to nothing. If enough people do this it will send a market signal to the company, and they'll either change their model or fold. Either way your annoyance will end.


It's interesting how they manage these transactions. How do you process a 10c transaction online? Is that even possible? I've been looking for a good credit card processing company but most will impose pretty high minimum payments which doesn't work for a model like this one. I'm looking at this long list at Maybe simply getting a paypal account will work? But still I'm pretty sure that you can't charge a credit card for let's say 10c.