What's Harder: Science or Rapping?

Three interns at Intellectual Ventures have made a rap video:

After watching this, you tell me: what’s harder, science or rapping?

(HT: Kara Swisher)


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  1. Nitin says:

    rapping obviously is harder, not that it should be something to be proud of. ever hear of the scientist getting a million pound advance from a record company?

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  2. Jen says:

    obviously rapping. and mixing, in this case.

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  3. Another David says:

    I would’ve thought IV interns would have figured out that if you tape the words next to the camera, it’s not so obvious that you’re reading off a cheat sheet.

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  4. Jim B. says:

    1. Science.
    2. Why would a scientist get a million dollars from a record company?
    3. Put the shoe on the other foot – put Jay-Z in a laborartory and see if HE comes up with a new cancer drug, or could even figure out how to synthesize already-existing ones.
    4. (3) is not a knock on rappers, but this just illustrates comparative advantage.

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  5. Brian says:

    Looks like a strong argument for division of labor.

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  6. tungbo says:

    I think it would be much scarier to ask a rapper intern to give me an injection or run my blood test.

    On the other hand, I heard a pretty credible rap performance on evolution from Baba Brinkman:


    He was quite thought provoking about the rap culture and how evolution contributed to its formation in addition to talks about genes and survival!

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  7. matt. says:

    listening to this is harder than science. :)

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  8. Ferdinand says:

    The question comes down to: Would you rather have a rapper do your heart transplantation or a scientist sing? In other words: It is quite undecided.

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