Global Warming Vs. Street Crime

In the Wall Street Journal, Jean Guerrero writes an interesting article about how cities are fighting street crime by the simple act of leaving the lights on deeper into the night. (Other cities have tried Barry Manilow music, with some success.) But leaving the lights on all night doesn’t always jibe with a city’s budget plans — or its global-warming conscience:

Earlier this year, Joplin, Mo., reported a 47% drop in crime since 2007, when it started adding or replacing more than 1,000 lights throughout the city to reduce crime. And in other cities, like Fresno, Calif., plans to turn off street lights to cut carbon emissions and reduce costs have been thwarted by resistance from those with concerns about crime levels.


Craig makes an important point. I believe it is primarily the mariner - I mean marinara - that is responsible for the effect.

Global Warming

Stop global warming' bracelets are one way that individuals can contribute to the cause of helping to stop global warming.


It's all so easy isn't it - crime can be fought by turning on some lights and global warming doesn't exist so we don't have to worry about it.
What's on Fox?



"...a more logical conclusion as to why increased global average temperatures correlate precisely with carbon dioxide increases since the 1900s"

On the full scale of earth's history, the past century is nothing at all. Have you ever seen Al Gore's famous CO2 vs Temp graph wherein he shows that they appear to be correlative? Well, it's true they do seem to correlate, but historically CO2 has increased AFTER the temperature has risen. Of course, this means that the reverse is also true... after natural CO2 levels increased, temperatures went DOWN.

If the anthropogenic global warming crowd were right in their assumptions, an historical increase of CO2 would mean an historical increase in temperature. With temperatures subsequently decreasing after CO2 increases, it appears more likely (to the unbiased mind) that CO2 has very little (read: unmeasurable) affect on the global climate.

This takes into account hundreds of thousands of years... not just the most recent century when temperature readings are affected by urban heat island effect.

Try unbiased science, it's actually kind of cool.

- A reformed global warmist


Bill McGonigle

Don't forget to count the 'global warming cost' of the activity necessary to replace the value destroyed by the crime.

greg saville

Human-made global warming is not a myth to scientists - only to climate-change deniers who refuse to read the facts.

However, the reality of climate change does not mean more lights to cut crime is a bad idea. It is not an either/or.

Since most human contributions to global CO2 is agriculture, industry and cars, it makes more sense to cut those things first. In the meantime, I'll be walking in well-lit areas enjoying my evening stroll in safety.