A Dunkin' Donuts Store Exhibits Penny Sanity

One Dunkin’ Donuts store is taking a stand against the penny. A sign at the store reads “We will be rounding your change to the closest nickel. For example, if your change is $2.03, we will give you $2.05. If your change is $2.22, you will receive $2.20. For any customer who still would like their pennies, please just ask the cashier and we would be happy to accommodate you.” The change is designed to speed up service. Here’s hoping the initiative goes viral. (HT: David McCall and Meir Lindenbaum) [%comments]


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  1. Gordon says:

    This initiative has been running in many South African supermarkets for a number of years now. But the difference is that they ALWAYS round the total down – so the customer always benefits.

    So a purchase totalling 5.44 will be billed at 5.40.

    This initiative is used regardless of the payment method used, cash, credit card etc.

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  2. Iljitsch van Beijnum says:

    This has been common practice in the Netherlands for a long time. Before the euro, cents were no longer issued for many years. With the euro, the cent came back but stores returned to their old ways after a couple of years. I don’t understand this because cent coins are tiny and don’t get in the way, it’s those huge two euro coins that are a drag.

    I’m not paying 2.25 if the bill says 2.23. If stores don’t want to deal with these small coins, why are they still pricing their wares as 0.99 rather and 1.00? (In Europe the tax is included in the listed prices so there are no issues with the tax making for awkward amounts.)

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  3. Sean says:

    What I’d like to know is why can’t Dunkin Donuts (or any other retailer) just fiddle with the before-tax prices on their menu to ensure that every after tax, every transaction would wind up being divisible by 5 cents? Or 10 cents? Or 25? Does anyone do this already?

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  4. Oscar says:

    This is great. I hope others follow suit, I don’t mind the 2 – 3 pennies either extra or less that I get on cash purchases… better than carrying around pennies in your pocket.

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  5. Daniel McLeod says:


    Yes, AMC does this. Go into any of their theaters and look at the prices of all the items on their menus.

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  6. 164 says:

    Just pay electronically, othewise I’ll take the full change unless the rounding works to my benefit.

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  7. JimBob says:

    @3 Perhaps it’s because not only is it an issue to give out pennies but it takes a long time to get them too. Ran into that issue today at a store where a little old lady gave exact change. Took her 3-4 mins to find all the right coins, of which at least 10-15 cents of that was in pennies. It was maddening.

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  8. Andrew says:

    In Australia, where 1 and 2 cent pieces were done away with some years back, the total is rounded down (much like the S.A. and Netherlands examples). The tax is also pre-calculated so you know what the total is (e.g. if an item is $1.12, this will be charged at $1.10 which automatically includes the 10% tax).

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