Calvin Graham

Items like this are better if they include the list, for those who read this on an office computer with a firewall:
"This Websense category is filtered: MP3 and Audio Download Services."


Please provide the list in text. I assume you're on it (rightly so) but the apple site is blocked for many people.


While I love the Freakonomics podcast. The Apple list contains all the usual suspects and at least 2 podcasts that didn't release ANY content in 2010.

By the way, the increased frequency of the Freakonomics content (and appearances on Marketplace) is great.


Us lowly Linux/BSD/Unix/Debian users who aren't offered iTunes from Mr. Jobs and Co can not read this link.

Cash McDollar

Are these cost free, purchased or combined?
Is there a separate top ten list for top FREE podcasts versus purchased media?
...And for free media, remember you get what you pay for.


It is a crime that NPR's Planet Money isn't on the list.


Congratulations, guys.

An Li

This posting has no value at all. Clicking on the hyperlink "their choice" takes me to the Itunes "download" page. Clicking on "your listening:" takes me to "Posts tagged with FREAKONOMICS PODCAST"

Just what are the top podcasts as determined by Itunes?

Why such obfuscation? Does the art of blogging now require the readers to become mind readers?


I, for one, appreciate the artsy approach of embedding a picture with a clear view of the Freakonomics logo as the first listed in iTunes.

P.S. I've found Windows 7 to be well worth the money.