Victor Edwards

Then there is the "I-am-an-east-coast-liberal-elitist-who-thinks-I-am-so-smart-I-can-assess-others-biases-but-disregard-my-own," bias, which I call the Liberal bias #1.

Also, there is the "the-mind-is-just-the-brain-functioning-and-qualities-can-be-reduced-to-quantities" bias, which I call the Liberal bias #2.

Then there is the "mind-can-be-reduced-to-electrical-impulses [but-my-own-is-not-subject-to-such-a-limitation]" bias, which I call the Liberal bias #3 [Are you getting the drift here?]

I've got more. Want to hear?


Priceless! In no other science would failure of hypotheses to verify be considered verification of the hypothesis!

Cash McDollar

Gift giving is an art that few people do well.
Socks, underwear, and even a lump of coal have MORE UTILITY than the Shamwows, Snuggies, Pillow Pet, Zhu-Zhu Pets, Pet Rock, Quilted Down Jacket with built-in Sleeping Bag, Jingle Bell Tie, and Chia Pet in the Shape of Obama's Head.

Thong underwear does not look good in the 2/3 of America that are overwight or obese.

Give me the Socks with extra cushion soles and reinforced toes! STOP THE INSANITY!

SoCal Mother

I am married to a successful physicist who rants to me every year that economics is not science and should no more deserve a Nobel Prize than astrology. He says that a theory with no predictive ability is not science.

And before you argue that he doesn't know anything about economics, he minored in economics at MIT because he said it required no work and he could then spend more time on physics. (I can't speak to that being personally unable to pass calculus.)



From your description, you seem to be talking about the Fundamental Attribution Error. From Wikipedia, it's the "tendency to over-value dispositional or personality-based explanations for the observed behaviors of others while under-valuing situational explanations for those behaviors."

Also, all of your examples point to Liberals' tendency to rationalize observed behavior (at least in others). I believe that rationality and self-awareness are both positive traits. I'd encourage all liberal people, and all people in general, to work on their self-awareness.

To point though, remember: you don't have a body; you are a body.

Christopher Strom

About six or seven years ago, I had been laid off for nearly a year, my unemployment had run out, and things were looking pretty dreary around the holidays.

For that Christmas my wife got me a similar poster (from of a beautiful sunset behind the uplifted bow of a sunken ship with a caption which read "MISTAKES: Perhaps the purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others."

The rest of my family really wanted to to be offended on my behalf, but I knew how supportive my wife was through the whole ordeal, so I thought the gift hilarious.

It still hangs on the wall next to my engineering degree. Just in case I begin to feel too proud.

Besides, if you can't recognize and laugh at your own circumstances and foibles, you'll only see flaws in others, and then you'll spend too much time blogging odd non sequitur rants about those flaws.


SoCal Mother- lol, it is true, I was Chemical Engineering major at MIT and (while not my intention at the time) took an econ class with a fellow ChemE major and the two of us annihilated the class, getting our easiest A's of the 4 years that we were there.


if consulting is not serious then the president is not serious