Bullying at School? Blame the Father

Busy fathers, pay attention: a?new study finds that if your kids think you’re not spending enough time with them, they’re more likely to exhibit bullying behavior at school. C. Andre Christie-Mizell, Jacqueline M. Keil, Mary Therese Laske and Jennifer Stewart examined both parents’ working hours and children’s perception of time spent with their parents (i.e. do your kids think you work too much?), finding that “it was children’s perception of how much time they spent with their fathers that had the most impact on bullying behavior.” Interestingly, mothers’ working hours didn’t seem to have much of an effect on bullying behaviors. “The findings about fathers and mothers are important because it turns what most of us think is conventional wisdom — that mothers have the most influence on children — on its ear,” says Christie-Mizell. “What this research shows is that while it’s equally important for kids to spend time with both parents, fathers need to make an extra effort.” [%comments]

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  1. Psychohistorian says:

    ” “What this research shows is that while it’s equally important for kids to spend time with both parents, fathers need to make an extra effort.””

    Really? This can get published?

    This study focuses specifically on bullying behaviour. There’s a lot more to children’s lives than whether or not they are bullies. The fact that one rather specific and narrow portion of children’s personalities is more heavily influenced by fathers than mothers hardly implies that time spent with fathers is, on the whole, more important than time spent with mothers. This claim is so blatantly unfounded its author should be embarrassed to have said it.

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  2. Kamiikoneko says:

    “This just in: poorly raised kids can end up being crappy people”

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  3. Jon says:

    And notice that it doesn’t specify how much influence the father’s time with a child has on bullying behavior. And it’s also just correlative.

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  4. The Nun's Priest's Dogsbody says:

    Studies show boys’ rate of misbehavior inversely proportional to the rate at which they think : “If I did that, my dad would KILL me!”

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  5. RRD says:

    Assuming that bullying behavior indeed fits the perception that it’s predominantly done by boys- how is the correlation of boys’ time spent with fathers much of a breakthrough? Wasn’t this already observed in marauding adolescent elephants a few years back?

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  6. Shane says:

    There is a strong popular idea that boys need a healthy father figure, which would seem to match this research. So it makes sense!

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  7. Jim says:

    So I guess this kills the femminists belief and mantra that a single woman can raise a child just as well as a couple, and that a woman does not need a man’s help to raise a family.

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  8. Tom Matlack says:

    Not sure about this premise but certainly being a dad is important whether or not the absence leads to bullying.
    Here are a bunch of guys talking about being good dads:



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