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Back in January, on the day of one of the year’s particularly crippling blizzards, I was scheduled to travel to New York City to tape a segment of BizIntelligence TV with Bruno Aziza.  The trains that day were running massively late, and I somewhat sheepishly called to cancel.  For me, this was a non-discretionary snow day.  But Bruno wouldn’t accept defeat.  He heroically spent several hours with his camera crew and came to New Haven.  They ended up taping three episodes at various places in my house.  They spent the night with us, and we finished the evening drinking Bordeaux in my outdoor hot tub surrounded by several feet of snow.  So much for the dour lives of gear heads!

Here’s the first of the three episodes:

(You can subscribe to the show here.)


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  1. Derek says:

    So glad you found such a great use for my photo, I’m honored it is now part of your site.

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  2. Patrick says:

    Great video. Enjoyed it.

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  3. Bruno Aziza says:

    Thanks Patrick!

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