Better Than Breadcrumbs

Photo: Hemera

This is an amusing little story.  WBBM radio reports that, “Elgin police say Gavina-Morales crashed his pickup truck into a curb and dug up parkway grass in the cul-de-sac at the end of Stockbridge Place in Elgin at about 6:10 a.m. Sunday.”

He decided it wasn’t a good idea to stick around.

The report continues: “But the force was so great, a tire of the truck came off, and Gavina-Morales began to drive away on a tireless wheel, leaving a groove mark seven miles long for police to follow back to his home. The groove followed the exact route Gavina-Morales took, down Stockbridge Place, Maureen Drive, Congdon Avenue, Shoe Factory Road, and Bartlett Road, back to his driveway in Streamwood.”

That’s bad luck for Mr. Gavina-Morales.  They call him a hit-and-run driver.  What’s strange, though, is that all he hit was the curb and some grass.  I’m a bad driver and I crash into the curb, the side of my garage, etc. all the time.  Am I supposed to call the police every time that happens?

Apparently so, or perhaps I will suffer the same fate as Mr Gavina-Morales.  The WBBM report concludes: “Gavina-Morales was released from jail on bond, and is due back in court May 9 hearing.”


John F

The determining factor on whether the police need to be called in many jurisdictions is based on the approx. dollar amount of damage. I know some places, that threshold is as low as $200 or lower. I'm no auto mechanic, but a wheel coming off sounds like a couple hundred bucks worth of "oh crap" to me.


Years ago in Richmond, VA, a local theater production of the Wizard of Oz had big glitter ruby slippers on display. Someone stole them and left a trail of red glitter to their apartment!


The fact that Mr. Gavina-Morales drove seven miles on a tire-less truck -- thereby cause extensive damage to his own vehicle -- suggests that Mr Gavina-Morales had an additional reason to avoid police interaction. I presume that this is what piqued the police interest, not the discomfited lawn.

Also, the dollar value of damage to the pavement is probably a felony all by itself.