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  1. Wouter says:

    With regards to •GDP of 25 U.S. corporations vs. GDP of small countries – the The current comparisons do not make sense. The correct apples-to-apples comparison is value add of the corporations, with operating income probably a reasonable proxy. It would all look a whole less impressive if done correctly

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  2. Kung says:

    Regarding the second link, could that be because the so called middle class people are driving and not taking the public transport , thus less exposed to stranger?

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  3. ilkka says:

    That comparison is nonsense. Revenue GDP. Not even close.

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  4. Mike B says:

    Regarding the third link, it seems to support my theory that the prevalence of Autism spectrum disorders are increasing because those sorts of traits are being magnified in the upper social classes. Being a little quirky and analytical makes ones successful. Successful people mate with other successful people. The result is children who have a bit too much of a good thing and are unable to read any social cues at all.

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