Prove Paul Krugman Wrong! Vote Wolfers

(8/24) Update: It appears that Real Paul Krugman was never on Google+. Instead, it was a hoax by a prankster with an ideological axe to grind. I’ll just say: He was convincing. And I was punk’d.


OK, so I’m in week three of my Twitter experiment.  And a funny thing happened along the way.  Google Plus. I’m enjoying the conversation at Twitter.  But I think G+ is the better technology. So I’ve started posting my more polished (and sometimes more verbose) gems over on Google+.

So far, it’s a bit quiet.  But helpfully, Patrick Bernau has compiled a page of economists publicly posting at Google+.  So if you prefer Google, you’ll love this page.

I discovered I’m currently ranked sixth in the fledgling Econ-Google+-o-sphere. Paul Krugman is just two notches ahead of me.  So here’s my plea: Help push me above Comrade Krugman.  You can follow me on Google+ here.

Truth is, I have no idea whether Google Plus will succeed. But I love the idea of beating Paul. And if you’ve ever wanted to prove Paul wrong, now’s your chance. He said it’s “Not going to happen.” I’m hoping to enlist you.  If we succeed, I’m planning on asking Paul to publicly declare: “You were right, I was wrong.” Reckon it will happen?



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  1. Nick G says:

    Paul is trying to shape policy that might change the lives of the unemployed and you’re trying to win a popularity contest.

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    • Tony says:

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    • Kate says:

      This is, indirectly, raising awareness of Paul Krugman and his work.

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  2. Tony says:

    Problem is, you’ve got to appeal to 600 people to add you and then not to add Krugman. I had to fight that temptation myself. Never fear, Dr. Wolfers; I didn’t defect. Good luck!

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  3. Jimmy says:

    Can someone please explain to me the point of Google Plus? I have an account but have yet to do much with it, as I’m slightly confused as to what it’s actually used for. Is it technically a social networking site?

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  4. Ed says:

    I’d love to help. I just need a google+ invite. :)

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  5. Ben says:

    No, aint’ gonna happen. I like you Justin, but society (and more important, policy elite circles) is not getting enough of Krugman.

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  6. Bill says:

    Wow, your Google+ photo makes you look a lot like former professional wrestler Shawn Michaels. If you link to a few WWE accountholders and make your request, you’ll pass Krugman in no time!

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  7. Eliel says:

    Okay, I have to say that I appreciate the link to the page of assembled Economist so much that I did add you to my circles first.

    _Then_ I added Krugman. So, technically, for a brief period, I did help you out there.

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  8. hemp says:

    But none of its going to matter if Google keeps Plus under wraps for too long. .I understand why Google is keeping Plus exclusive for now. Most notably it gives them time to notice and fix bugs in the system before the entire world sees them. It also helps keep the server workload down as Google tests Plus capabilities..

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