National Treasure Puzzler

During a break in my contracts class the other week I told the students about a strange dream I had. Here’s what I said:

I don’t know whether it’s because we just read a case about the War of 1812, but I dreamed a kind of screenplay that begins with a tight close up with two identical faces of Andrew Jackson. As the camera pulls back, we see that the Jacksons are struggling to break free from being inside a cramped triangle. To make matters worse, we see that their bodies are jerking about because they are holding between them an electrified neon equation blinking “2+3=5”. The equation is encased in some kind of phosphorescent circle.

They aren’t willing to drop the circle, because on closer inspection one can make out a miniature Andrew Jackson who is trapped inside the circle.  To make matters worse, out of nowhere an airplane swoops in and hooks the top of the triangle so that the Jacksons and the rest of the triangle’s contents are suddenly dangling in midair behind the aircraft.  Cut to the cockpit interior and we encounter the demented mastermind who mutters moo-ha-ha while strangely flipping odd cards 1, 3, 5 from a deck.

Suddenly, Nicholas Cage bursts into the cockpit.  He looks around and sees a 7 x 7 pallet of containers. Cage opens up a container takes out a big bottle of ketchup and squirts ketchup on the demented mastermind, saving the day. In my dream, I called the incomplete movie, National Treasure, 2.7.

 Can you help me interpret the dream?  I’ve blogged about my bizarre nightmares before. Should I be worried?

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  1. Curtis says:

    No-one likes it when someone relays some dream they had.

    The only exception is dreams which feature Nic Cage, in which case, everyone loves hearing about them.

    If, as some believe, consciousness is an epiphenomenon, then the only thing we can really learn about dream analysis, is that consciousness is an epiphenomenon.

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  2. Hassan says:

    Sounds like a common theme is duality. Sounds like the 2 Jacksons could represent different perspectives within the same person as they attempt to reconcile an idea (the equation) from two equally perspectives equally important to Jackson.

    I see the plane as a sense of urgency moving the psuedo-conflicting Jacksons forward. Nic Cage seems to take on a hero role that allows the conflict an outside object to focus on and ultimately permission to resolve the conflict.

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    • robin marlowe says:

      Dear Ian, So- No, you should not be worried- And Hassan, you should be relatively `happy’ in the sense that there are no ultimate truths here. But as far as needing permission from a friend who understands my predicament, you have a point. Thanks.

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    • marlowe says:

      Was thinking a bit more about the concept of “faith” Seems as if there are certain questions that we won’t know the answer to and, at least, one scenario we should never forget –No matter how good it seems, Never throw caution to the wind.

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  3. grumpy_otter says:

    I once blew 14 minutes of my 15 minute interview with Joe Biden discussing a “mustard-shaped can opener.”

    And you think YOUR dreams are weird? :-)

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