Welcome to the N.F.L.

The “first minority to be a controlling owner of an NFL team” isn’t an African-American.

I find this story interesting and am surprised it has been so lightly commented upon.

The team is the Jacksonville Jaguars (that may be one reason why it’s so lightly commented upon), and the new owner is Shahid Khan.


You're surprised? In this country minority usually means "black", so if the owner isn't black why would it be news? Asians don't get much attention, especially as "minorities".


I don't necessarily agree with Saru (or I don't want to) but that was more or less my first thought too.


The Majority owner of the Seattle Mariners is Hiroshi Yamauchi, represented by Howard Lincoln and president Chuck Armstrong. He has been the majority owner since 1992. The NFL is late to this game. I am sure that there are other MLB teams with minority ownership, I just can't think of any of the top of my head.


Why does this need to be commented on?


I agree. So the guy is a successful Pakistani-American. Should I be outraged that an AMERICAN football is slowly being taken over by furners? Should I applaud the NFL for being open-minded for approving the sale?

It's just a business and business was being done. It's not like he stole the franchise.

Austin Nolan

What about Jewish? Is that not a minority? Robert Kraft, Arthur Blank, Al Davis etc.


Because to the NFL, "minority" really only means "African American". Since the majority of the players are of that ethnicity, that's what they need to focus on in order to cater to their constituency. Never mind the many Samoan players, or those of other (less represented) racial or ethnic groups.

Voice of Reason

No, last time I checked, most Jews are white.