A Marriage Proposal

Spotted on a street corner in Chelsea (New York):

In your opinion, what are the odds that all of the information conveyed in this poster represents the truth?

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  1. FritzIII says:

    I think it’s a variation of the Nigerian 404 scam.

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  2. cameron says:

    First, German chicks don’t advertise like that. Second, the chances of meeting a German gal in southeastern USA is basically a zilch.

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  3. cameron says:

    Zilcho, no one is that stupid, not even the stupidest person on earth would do that. Remember that humans are essentially stupid but not totally stupid.

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  4. ChrisM says:

    Did anyone else find that the black gloves appearing to caress the poster were a bit creepy?

    I give it 1 in 25 chance of being real.

    That said, there are lots of resident aliens (just love that term) who arrived legally and wish to stay for some reason or another. Getting married is one option in getting to stay. But if you enter for the purpose of gaining residency or citizenship and lie about your purpose (tourist, work, school), big fines are possible.

    My wife and I were lucky. We met in England, and started the process. She had to go to the US Embassy in London at one point for something before coming over, visa or something, and the advice she received was ‘go to the States on a tourist visa, get married, and just apply for a change of status’. While you can do that, there is a good sized fine if they feel you entered the country with the purpose of getting married (thereby obtaining residency, or at least supposed easier access to it) and didn’t declare it.

    It’s why they have the Fiancee visa, so you can do it legally. Unfortunately, we were engaged and she’d been back enough times where they saw a young European female traveling on vacation to visit that they put a red flag in her file. Three hours of neglection, inspection, and interrogation, they had gone through her diary and seen the entry from the Embassy where she notated the advice above. The ICE (back a few years) agent said, ah, I see the problem. Explained the right way and let her in with the warning that she has been officially told to get a Fiancee visa before getting married…

    We still had to hire a lawyer to speed the process along, and even took a call to the Congressman’s office at one point while I was on deployment. But we went about it the right way and she has been legally living here ever since. The legal way can still cost thousands of dollars, but at least you don’t also get the (at the time) $5000 fine and automatic deportation. Glad they found that entry in her diary.

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  5. Swaroop says:

    This one’s a fake!

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  6. chama says:

    so i need foreign girl friend…. pls. send yours responce

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