Our 500,000th Twitter Follower

Yesterday we passed 500,000 in Twitter followers. Thank you! The person who put us over the top was Dan Kreitz (@dankreitz). We’ll send some Freakonomics swag to Dan, along with five randomly selected followers who have been with us for much longer. (And no, we didn’t make the same mistake as last time.)

We once made a podcast about Twitter in which we discussed that we didn’t (and still don’t) follow anyone. Maybe we’d be at 1 million followers by now if we did — who knows?

We don’t really Tweet in the classic sense; we mainly post links to things we’ve written, radio pieces we’ve made, etc. So let me ask you this: is there anything you’d like to see more of in our Twitter feed?

Thanks again for pushing us over that big round number.


Dan Kreitz

And my high school counselor said I would never achieve anything. Ha!


Congratulations. No. I like the links and no more. My feed is full enough as it is and I don't want to know what someone had for breakfast.

Andreas Moser

I honestly don't understand this Twitter: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/should-i-get-a-twitter/

Impossibly Stupid

The best way to think of Twitter is as a media channel, not as a publisher. Some people like to use RSS to get news, some people like to use Twitter. That sounds like how Freakonomics is using it, to convert/keep Twitter users interested in this site. To manage that for 500K users is an outstanding success.

Jessica Robinson

I totally think that there is more Freakonomics can use Twitter for! I'm a huge advocate of the book, the blog, the documentary, and of course I'm a religious listener of the podcast. But since I'm tapped into all of these things, the Twitter feed is sometimes redundant. Aside from that - by following nobody, it just looks like you don't listen at the very least.

Oh well, I'm still listening, following, and reading! Love the interesting perspective you always bring.



Links to other articles that you find interesting, but aren't quite enough to inspire a Freakonomics post.


I definitely agree!