“Women Are Not Men,” Continued

An interesting followup to our recent “Women Are Not Men” podcast, from a listener named Misty Touchette. This incident might more appropriately be called “Men Are Not Men”:

I have two female friends that are about 30 and 55 years old.  They don’t know each other and have very different backgrounds.  A few weeks ago, both gleefully told me about their new Facebook accounts.  They’d made them under the guise of men.  Both chose a similar figure head: a photo of a white, attractive man. The reason? They were tired of being unfriended by issues/cause/political groups when engaging in … civic discourse.  When presenting themselves as women, their comments, even simple statements of alternate opinions on a topic, were flamed, trolled or deleted and then, of course, they were booted from some pages.  

I realize that women penning under a man’s pen name is nothing new.  As others have before them I’m sure, my friends have reported that the new manly persona are yielding an increase in support, silence/tolerance replacing backlash or a return in civil discourse.  After listening to “Women Are Not Men” and considering my friends, I couldn’t help but wonder, hey, how many Wikipedians labeled as men are actually women?

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  1. Megan says:

    Oddly enough, posing as a woman also has its benefits. Back in the old days of Halo CE, I starting playing on Halo servers as “Megan”. Although nothing had changed about my ability to play the game (slightly above average, but certainly no Master Chief by any stretchofthe imagination), I started winning more one on me challenges and scoring more kills and flags in the team flag capture games that I played.

    This seemed to be partially due to the reaction of the male players (especially the teen male players) to getting scored on by someone they perceived as female. It seemed that the very thought of being beaten by “girl” totally frustrated them and caused them to make more mistakes.

    Of course, I also got to experience the negatives as well…the constant sexual innuendo, the downright nasty comments that made me ashamed to be a male of our species and the pervs that thought I was a teen girl and tried to talk me into meeting them in private chat rooms.

    Not all guys were immature morons. Some came to my aid, kicking the pervs off the servers that I played on or just punishing the pervs by assisting me when they could.

    I played as “Megan” for about 2 years. It was a very eye-opening experience and gave me a new found appreciation for the very few real girls that played…and an understanding of at least one reason that there were so few of them.

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  2. Matilda Glovermos says:

    I’m a man and always write as a woman on the net. I get hit on but the guys are generally nice. I tell them I’m six foot 180 and prefer women…true! They generally move on nicely.

    I don’t notice being treated much different. I definitely get treated softer and nicer in my male dominated field.

    I’m not sure why I do this but it’s interested to live a different perspective.

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  3. JJ Jameson says:

    Women receive lower sentences in court for the same crimes as men. Women have the ability the vote without the obligation of showing up for draft. The “wage gap” in the US is not because of institutional sexism; it’s because women literally aren’t working as hard (not because they are less capable, they just don’t want that much money, power, status, success). Read up on it, the labor department has a great study on this. Yet scores of feminists are arguing for closing the wage gap like it’s a thing put in place by men. They want to be paid more money for doing less work. Finally, feminists are enraged when rape victims’s are asked about their alcohol consumption and/or attire, like the choices women make do not affect what happens to them.

    All of this leads me to believe that men and women view women as having no moral agency. As if what they do don’t affect what happens to them and women are only acted upon and that they cannot act or have meaningful impact on the course of their lives so they cannot be held accountable for the choices they make.

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