A Wake-Up App That Economists Would Love

Cartoonist Manu Cornet has a simple economic fix for oversleeping:

(HT: Hans van der Drift)

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  1. Enter your name... says:

    I’ve solved the problem a different way: I have an old-fashioned alarm clock with no snooze button. I haven’t been tempted to hit a snooze button for years.

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  2. buah says:

    Considering many will pay $3-$5 a day for a morning coffee, $3 would also pay for 3 snoozes. Might just work 😉

    What does the ‘dismiss’ button do? Does it keep the alarm running or turn it off?
    -If the ‘dismiss’ button turns the alarm off, then there would be no incentive to hit “snooze”. Unless you are required to answer a series of complicated skill-testing questions to “dismiss”?
    -If the dismiss button does not turn the alarm off – then what does turn the alarm off?

    I think the phone would need to be locked to make it impossible to turn it off while the alarm is running.

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  3. Quin says:

    Funny, but who puts Google+ on their main page?!

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  4. James says:

    How much nicer- and, I think, healthier since the body needs sleep – just to arrange life so that you don’t have to get up at a set time.

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  5. James says:

    The value of hitting snooze is way too high when first waking up. I think making it a tax would work better. I normally not a huge person for taxing but if you are tax unproductive behavior. It should also get all good economist out of bed right away during an economic down turn and keep the Keynesian in bed during the up swings.

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  6. Greg says:

    How about a clock that shreds money if you don’t get up? http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2013/06/16/money-shredding-alarm-clock-video/

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