Cheaper Plumbing on Fridays

(Photo: University of the Fraser Valley)

(Photo: University of the Fraser Valley)

We received a postcard from our plumber offering service on Fridays with no service charge, explaining that they can offer this because the plumber will be in our area of town, thus saving drive time and fuel costs. We are better off, saving the $59 on the service charge; and the plumbing company acknowledges that the savings make it better off too. It’s not often you see a company that understands Pareto improvements this well. I invite other examples of commercial offers where the advertiser makes the mutual gains as clear as this.

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  1. Anna Turtle says:

    I’d be inclined to take the plumber’s offer at face value. Having had a blue collar job similar to plumbing, you find yourself driving back and forth across the city all day from job to job. It will quickly occur to you that if you could stay in one neighborhood for a day you could get way more done and make more money. He probably figures he’ll make about the same amount (if not more) but his stress level will go down.

    That said, I predict the plan is not going to work. He’s going to get true emergency calls from Neighboorhood A on days when he planned to be in B all day, and if he won’t help the customer in B, they will call someone else (and inevitably not be too happy with the plumbing company).

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  2. Sam says:

    I work in construction, most people in the trades wouldn’t know how to even get the addresses of the surrounding houses and I find it highly unlikely they are going to coordinate their schedule with mailing out solicitations, it would probably be easier and cheaper to actually knock on the neighboors doors if that was the case. However it is a simple thing to mail out the same letter to EVERYONE, and as someone else mentioned, it has the discount offer…and buy now or you will miss it, sales hook making it more effective. I remember seeing a 20% off coupon for one of the trades that said you had to present it before the estimate (who would actually fall for that??)

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