Open Call for a New Game-Show Podcast!


Contestants present a mind-blowing fact to host Stephen J. Dubner and a celebrity panel. Questions are peppered. Witty banter ensues. Prizes are awarded! And everyone gets a little bit smarter.

A while back, we made a Freakonomics Radio episode called Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. It was a live game show with audience contestants, celebrity panelists, and me as the host. People seemed to like listening to it (and I loved making it) so now we’re turning Tell Me Something I Don’t Know into a full-fledged podcast of its own. And we need your help!

We’ll do our first round of tapings (six episodes) in front of a live audience at Symphony Space in Manhattan in September (buy tickets here) and we’re looking for contestants: people who are willing to get up on stage and tell us their most interesting ideas — maybe a technological breakthrough, a new line of important research, a set of strange facts, a historical wrinkle, or perhaps just a great, unasked question.

Every show will have a theme — maybe food one week, transportation the next — but at this point, we are open to any and all ideas. Also: there will be prizes!  And you’ll have a chance to impress a bunch of celebrity panelists (or maybe embarrass yourself in front of them, and a few million podcast listeners — but hey, that could be fun too!).

If you or someone you know would like to participate in Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, please sign up right here. And please spread the word so that we can bring you the very best, funniest, and weirdest ideas on the planet.