SuperFreakonomics Illustrated

SuperFreakonomics was an instant New York Times bestseller that caused a media uproar, continuing the amazing success begun with the groundbreaking, worldwide sensation Freakonomics. Now with a super-deluxe, super-illustrated edition, SuperFreakonomics is even bigger and better.

With the Illustrated Edition, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner bring alive their smart thinking and great storytelling with an explosion of visual evidence, including:

  • A by-the-numbers tally of a high-priced call girl’s career, and a tracking sheet from an intensive survey of Chicago street prostitutes.
  • A visual quiz that lets you pit your memory against the memory of a chess grand master.
  • Images of the hurricane-killing machine and other geo-engineering inventions described in SuperFreakonomics.
  • A look into whether doctors are better at saving lives in TV dramas or in real hospitals.

Whether probing the intricacies of sex change operations, the effectiveness of child car seats, or what really motivates people to do good, the Illustrated Edition of SuperFreakonomics employs photographs, drawings, and graphs that will lead readers to see the world in a bold, fresh way.




SuperFreakonomics Reviewed

“This book is a lot like Freakonomics, but better… Levitt and Dubner have a gift for explaining precisely how a researcher discovers something. Their epilogue, on Keith Chen’s attempts to introduce currency to a monkey society, is a model of how to tell a gripping story of scientific research without compromising on accuracy.” Financial Times

The Secrets of SuperFreakonomics

SuperFreakonomics is more a story about people than about new ideas. What drives the people behind these ideas to take conventional wisdom and turn it completely on its head. My conclusion after reading the book: optimism.” The Wall Street Journal

SuperFreakonomics: Global Solutions So Crazy, They Just Might Work

“Brave, bracing and beautifully contrarian. Don’t go to the water cooler without it.”New York Post

From Macro to Freako

“It’s very good — jauntier and more assured than their first.” TIME

The Dismal Science Can Be Great Fun — Just Chill Out and Follow the Plot

“There’s no doubt: it’s a page-turner. Levitt and Dubner’s discoveries are as exciting as any detective fiction … SuperFreakonomics, perhaps surprisingly, is immune from one economic law — that of diminishing marginal returns.” Irish Examiner

SuperFreakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. DubnerThe Los Angeles Times

Here’s Another Phoney War: the One on Climate ChangeThe Independent

SuperFreakonomics was named one of the best books of 2009 by Bloomberg and the Japan Times.