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Keeping Your Pints Honest

Oregon’s House recently passed the “Honest Pint Act,” which would allow drinking establishments to display state-issued stickers certifying that their pint glasses actually hold 16 ounces, as opposed to the 13- and 14-ounce glasses that some bars try to pass off as pints. Read More »

Which Is Worse: Fewer Pubs or More Unhealthy Citizens?

Patrons at Cecil’s Jazz Club in West Orange, N.J., savored one of the last nights for smoking in bars and restaurants. (Photo: Marko Georgiev/The New York Times) A journalist writing for the Financial Times complains that Britain’s indoor smoking ban has resulted in more pubs closing and a decline in beer sales of 10 percent. […] Read More »

FREAK Shots: Is Beer Bad for Science?

The more beer scientists drink, the less likely they are to have a paper published or cited, according to a new study by Thomas Grim, an ornithologist at Palacky University, Czech Republic. Grim surveyed the behavior of Czech scientists and found a correlation between amount of beer consumed and papers published. But the Czech Republic […] Read More »

The Rich Drink Better Beer, Not More

The average item bought by the average buyer has an income elasticity of nearly one: most people roughly double their spending when their income doubles. But everything we buy consists of both a quantity dimension and a quality dimension. What’s clear is that the income elasticity of demand for quantity is less than one: when […] Read More »

When Bad Laws Create Good Outcomes: Prohibition Edition

A couple of months ago, Dubner and Levitt wrote about how poorly constructed laws can lead to some unintended consequences. Let me add one more example to their list, albeit one that I’m enjoying. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board was set up in the wake of the 21st Amendment, and the end of Prohibition. A […] Read More »

What’s That Have to Do With the Price of Beer in Germany?

Dan Hamermesh, on his Economic Thought of the Day blog — it is excellent, and always fun — wrote this recently: A disaster has occurred in Germany: The staple drink – beer – is rising in price. The reason is that there is a worldwide shortage of barley, a major ingredient in the brew. This […] Read More »