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A Better Way to Eat: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

This week’s episode is called “A Better Way to Eat.” (You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above. You can also read the transcript, which includes credits for the music you’ll hear in the episode.)

It features an interview with Takeru Kobayashi, who revolutionized the sport of competitive eating. So you’ll learn plenty about the tactics — physical, mental, and strategic — that Kobi employed while earning six straight victories in the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest. (He has also set world records with many other foods.) But the episode isn’t really about competitive eating. It’s about seeing what the rest of us can learn from the breakthroughs that Kobi accomplished in his training and his thinking. If there’s ever someone who truly thinks like a Freak, it’s Takeru Kobayashi. Read More »

After the Gorge

Last Friday, on July 4, I went out to Coney Island for the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest, in which the great Kobayashi was beaten for the second straight year by Joey Chestnut. I wanted to see what I could learn about the sport of competitive eating, and I learned quite a bit. If all […] Read More »