The Mystery of the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon filled up in just eight hours -- that's 65 times faster than last year. Self-fulfilling prophecy or athletes outrunning the qualifying times?

Running New York

Ha! That headline probably got you thinking this was a post about Governor Cuomo. It's not. It's about an economist trying to keep fit despite the rising demands of work, parenthood, and the shrinking supply of energy that comes in your mid- to late thirties.

The Communist Approach to Obesity

Here's one way to fight obesity: mandatory exercise, as Beijing has commanded again, after a three-year break.

Credible Commitments and Embarrassment, Or Why I’m Telling You I’m Running the Stockholm Marathon

Yesterday, Ian Ayres blogged about his recent weight loss, and frankly, it’s a pretty impressive achievement. The secret, Ian tells us, is finding a clever way to solve the problem in which today’s best intentions are betrayed by our rather less determined selves tomorrow. Ian’s solution — committing to fine yourself if you fail — […]

Is This the Future of Home Excercise?

It’s one man’s invention, called the Shovelglove. Here’s how he came upon it: It was a rainy Sunday. I hadn’t gone to the gym in over three months, and I was feeling painfully out of shape and antsy to do some kind of exercise. But I didn’t want to go out in the rain, and […]