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FREAKest Links

1. Emily Oster answers relationship questions for WSJ readers.

2. Researchers predict a 15 percent decrease in abortion rates if Roe is overturned.

3. Is self-selection responsible for music students’ superior scores on the SATs?

4. Fast food consumers underestimate calories.

5. A new web documentary series about Kickstarter funding.

6. “The Beat of Sports” interviews Dave Berri about his recent post on the value of coaches.

FREAK-est Links

1. First-year medical residents made more mistakes when they were required to work fewer hours.

2. Automated education: EdX offers classes online, marks essays and tests.

3. Telemedicine has doctors in Texas treating patients in Antarctica.

4. The history of capitalism is all the rage in history departments.

5. More Nutella thieving: this time it’s not Columbia University students.

FREAK-est Links

1. Al Gore is sued over sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. (HT: Romenesko)

2. Economic reasons to become a vegetarian, graphs included.

3. The scientists and psychologists of the junk-food business reveal their secrets.

4. Columbia students can’t resist stealing Nutella. (HT: AL)

5. How prevalent was famine cannibalism? (HT: JH)

6. First, traffic mimes in Bogota; now Lucha Libre in Mexico City doing the same.

FREAK-est Links

1. You too can outsource your job to China.

2. What are all those bacteria doing in the troposphere? (academic paper/press summary)

3. How much of your state’s road budget is funded by the government?

4. North Korea gets the Google Maps treatment. Read More »

FREAK-est Links

1. Austin tries to incentivize employees to leave their cars at home, but it doesn’t work.

2. Are 60 percent of New York State’s cigarettes smuggled in?

3. Freakonomics movie trailer in Italian.

4. Sunk costs and Mark Sanchez.

5. Garlic smugglers in the E.U. dodge high import duties. (HT: Rich)

FREAK-est Links

1. Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy on the failed war on drugs.

2. Selling beer at college football games worked out pretty well for the University of Minnesota this season: $907,000 in alcohol sales and fewer incidents.

3. The Economist‘s 2012 in charts.

4. Hedging hackers: firms create fake data to defend against data thieves.

FREAK-est Links

1. Did an “academic dream team” help Obama win the election?
2. Bond economics: which Bond villain plans are economically viable? (HT: V. Brenner)
3. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde figures out how to create clouds indoors for an exhibition.

4. Candy for quietness: police in Durham gave drunk students candy to quiet them. (HT: V. Brenner)

5. The world’s “poorest president“: Uruguay’s Jose Mujica lives on a farm.

FREAK-est Links

Another big-time college sports program okays beer sales in the stadium. (HT: Oliver Luck)

2. Sixty leading economists (including Justin Wolfers) weigh in on what’s wrong with our economy and how to fix it.

3. Introducing Jewrotica (via Heeb).

4. Does retraining help the unemployed?

5. New videos from Mathalicious (whom we’ve blogged about before).

6. A cool visualization of how information spreads on social networks.