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FREAK-est Links

1. Just published: Rough Beasts, Charles Siebert‘s new e-book on the Zanesville Zoo Massacre.

2. Chris Sprigman on software patents.

3. 36 bizarre economic indicators. (HT: V. Brenner)

4. Nathan Myhrvold‘s absurdly prolific and diverse output can now be sampled in one place, on his new website. Also, his award-winning six-volume $625 cookbook Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking has just been repurposed into a one-volume edition (retailing for just $140) called Modernist Cuisine at Home.

FREAK-est Links

1. Is lap dancing taxable? (HT: K. Wells)

2. A graphic novel about economic theory.

3. A new paper on last meals: most requested items were meat, fried food, desserts, and soft drinks.

4. Principal tries new incentive program for students: no cellphones or cars if they’re failing. (HT: V. Brenner)

5. Honest Tea’s National Honesty Index this year: 93 percent of participants were honest.

6. Is shrimp too cheap?

FREAK-est Links

1. Do images of babies help curb crime? A graffiti social experiment in southeast London. (HT: Alex Berezow)

2. Stanford startup Maykah creates toys for girls that encourage them to study math and science.

3. Amazon’s election map. (HT: Flowing Data)

4. Brown University’s student radio show also looks at whether college is worth it.

5. FREAK-shot: an ATM machine that offers risk-free gambling. (HT: Lou Wigdor)

FREAK-est Links

1. The behavioral economics of online passwords.

2. Economists estimate all the spam in the world costs society $20 billion for $200 million revenue. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

3. Food diplomacy in East Asia.

4. Mike Mularkey‘s incentive plan to stop touchdown celebrations. (HT: Will Carr)

FREAK-est Links

1. German startup “Schimpf-los” (“swear away”) provides telephone therapy for those who want to blow off steam by cursing. (HT: V. Brenner)

2. The “left-digit” effects for cigarettes.

3. Tim Harford‘s book Undercover Economist has an updated chapter on the financial crisis. You can download it for free if you have the book.

4. China rounds up 2,000 people for fake pharmaceuticals.

5. Major League Soccer set to create a “smart league” with a microchip on each player that records “more than 200 data records per second.” (HT: Michael Kesterton)

6. Nice new blog called Spreadsheet Journalism from Abbott Katz.

FREAK-est Links

1. The cost of free donuts. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

2. Is it harder to make friends after the age of 30?

3. Repugnant? A crematorium installs turbines to generate electricity. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

4. Dave Berri on NPR discussing Jeremy Lin.

5. Science, sex, and the Olympics.

6. Nate Silver plays “Medalball“: how to score cheap Olympics medals. (HT: H.L.)

FREAK-est Links

1. Amazon now offering delivery lockers at 7-Eleven stores. (HT: SM Fishman)

2. New study: 84 percent of Americans will earn more than their parents.

3. 90 percent of criminals at 11 jails in China say they were abused as children.

4. The new elitists are “culture omnivores.”

5. The geography of school bus bullying.

FREAK-est Links

1. Advances in “goatscaping.” (HT: Anthony Sculimbrene)

2. Thirty-six percent of Americans believe in UFOs, says National Geographic survey.

3. More Brazilian prison incentives: generate energy to reduce sentences. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

4. Are we too busy? Read More »