FREAK-est Links

1. German startup "Schimpf-los" ("swear away") provides telephone therapy for those who want to blow off steam by cursing. (HT: V. Brenner)

2. The "left-digit" effects for cigarettes.

3. Tim Harford's book Undercover Economist has an updated chapter on the financial crisis. You can download it for free if you have the book.

4. China rounds up 2,000 people for fake pharmaceuticals.

5. Major League Soccer set to create a "smart league" with a microchip on each player that records "more than 200 data records per second." (HT: Michael Kesterton)

6. Nice new blog called Spreadsheet Journalism from Abbott Katz.

FREAK-est Links

1. The cost of free donuts. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

2. Is it harder to make friends after the age of 30?

3. Repugnant? A crematorium installs turbines to generate electricity. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

4. Dave Berri on NPR discussing Jeremy Lin.

5. Science, sex, and the Olympics.

6. Nate Silver plays "Medalball": how to score cheap Olympics medals. (HT: H.L.)

FREAK-est Links

1. Amazon now offering delivery lockers at 7-Eleven stores. (HT: SM Fishman)

2. New study: 84 percent of Americans will earn more than their parents.

3. 90 percent of criminals at 11 jails in China say they were abused as children.

4. The new elitists are "culture omnivores."

5. The geography of school bus bullying.

FREAK-est Links

1. Advances in "goatscaping." (HT: Anthony Sculimbrene)

2. Thirty-six percent of Americans believe in UFOs, says National Geographic survey.

3. More Brazilian prison incentives: generate energy to reduce sentences. (HT: Eric M. Jones)

4. Are we too busy?

FREAK-est Links

1. Is the Chicago law and economics program too successful?

2. The Judgment of Princeton: more wine economics if you liked our wine podcast.

3. An elaborate bad customer service prank (video) from Belgium. (HT: Julian Morrow)

4. Some ambient noise improves creative cognition. (HT: JCB)

5. How Americans spend on alcohol: more at bars than at liquor stores.

6. Will rising temperatures bring more violent crime?

FREAK-est Links

1. ABC repeats Roland Fryer’s resume experiment and finds that "white-sounding names were actually downloaded 17 percent more often by job recruiters."

2. Groupon offer: a baby name for just $1,000.

3. New study says old people are more likely to die on their birthdays. (HT: Eric M Jones)

4. A conversation with neuroeconomist Colin Camerer.

5. Are people using the new Israeli organ donation cards to game the priority system?

6. The Nobel Prize Committee is tightening its belt: the prize is now only 8 million Swedish kronor (U.S $1.12 million). (HT: V Brenner)

FREAK-est Links

1. Public profanity now costs $20 in Middleborough, Mass.

2. San Francisco tries to disincentivize panhandling with puppies.

3. Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson chat with Gallup Business Journal.

4. Is "big data" a new class of economic asset?

5. L.A. subway system tries to stop fare cheaters.

FREAK-est Links

1. The Associated Press wants prostitutes to stay away from its D.C. bureau.

2. Are CEOs with military experience more honest?

3. The relationship between reading and being skinny.

4. Can exercise be bad for you? (HT: Eric M. Jones)

FREAKest Links

1. Why are used TVs so expensive?

2. A New York Times Opinionator piece questions the reliability of social sciences.

3. Does sweating give away how you'll play the Ultimatum game?

4. Does eating organic make you a jerk?

5. New study says obesity affects one-third of homeless.
6. Can happiness be bad sometimes?
7. Is coffee inversely related to death?

FREAK-est Links

1. Is a new cut of steak worthy of a patent? (HT: Eric M. Jones)

2. First there were metrosexuals; now meet the urban datasexual. (HT: Jeff Bladt)

3. Is flopping a problem in the NBA?

4. Fighter pilot Mary Cummings explains robotic crop dusting.

5. Corporate takeovers: they trim the fat, including corporate jets.

6. Does the ability to feel guilt make for great leaders?

7. Evidence that director John Waters still hitchhikes.