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Two Thumbs Down on the Financial-Reform Bill

Gary Becker’s take on the financial-reform bill. Read More »

Gary Becker: Immigrants Should Pay

Charging for green cards. Read More »

The Recent Health Care Bill

Levitt weighs in on health care. Read More »

Gary Becker, Still an Optimist

Peter Robinson interviews Gary Becker about healthcare reform, the future of capitalism, and what this November’s elections will bring. Read More »

Becker and Posner's Uncommon Sense

The popular Becker-Posner blog has been turned into an excellent book entitled Uncommon Sense.

For anyone who wants a quick and easy crash course on Chicago economics-style thinking, this book is as good as it gets. I Read More »

Answer to the Freakonomics Quiz: What Gary Becker Says Economics Is All About

Last week, I offered up a quiz asking what Gary Becker thought the only purpose of economics was. His answer was so surprising to me, that just to make sure I had it right, I asked him again after I made the post.

He confirmed his answer, and said that it is the same answer he would have given 50 years ago when he started studying economics. Read More »

A Freakonomics Quiz: Inside the Mind of Gary Becker

The annual skit party in the University of Chicago economics department gives the graduate students their one chance each year to exact revenge on the faculty for all the tough love/mistreatment we give them the other 364 days of the year.

At this year’s skit party, there was a faculty version of the old Bob Eubanks TV show The Newlywed Game. My partner was the legendary economist Gary Becker. Alas, we did not fare well. Read More »

Becker and Murphy on the Stimulus Package

Gary Becker and Kevin Murphy write today in The Wall Street Journal about their concerns regarding the stimulus package. There are no two economists in the world who I respect more than Becker and Murphy. Whatever your political bent, when these two write something, you should think hard about their arguments. Read More »