Need Vitamin D Supplements? Depends Which Newspaper You Read

Vitamin D: should we take less or triple that intake? Whatever you do, don't just read this headline and run with it.

San Francisco Passes a Happy-Meal Ban

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has "passed an ordinance that will require meals to meet certain nutritional guidelines if restaurants wish to include a toy with the food purchase."

E-ZPass Is a Life-Saver (Literally)

Among its many perks, there's now evidence that E-ZPass may help save babies.

Bad News for Me on Two Fronts

A new meta-analysis looks at past research into whether a person's performance on basic physical functions like walking speed or ease in getting out of a chair predicts death.

Autism: A Disease of the Rich?

It's more common among children of wealthier parents.

A Call for One Month of Abstinence

Cutting new infections.

Vegetables: A Salty Menace?

The three major dietary sources of sodium are grains; meat, poultry, fish, mixtures; and vegetables. Surprised? So was Dubner. The explanation lies in the daily sodium density metric.

Who Profits From Less Salt?

Will anyone benefit from a salt ban?

Who's Not Happy About a Falling Maternal Death Rate?

Maternal health advocates.

To Fight Malaria, Skip the Beer?

If you're trying to avoid mosquito bites, try skipping the beer.