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My Kentucky Derby Predictions – I Can't Do Any Worse Than Last Year

Levitt’s predictions. Read More »

What to Do for an Encore? My Preakness Picks

There is likely no prediction I can make for the Preakness that will generate as much entertainment value as my ill-fated Kentucky Derby picks.

But here goes anyway. Read More »

Thankfully, No One Pays Attention

Thankfully, no one pays attention to my annual Kentucky Derby picks, because if they did, they would have read this prediction that I made Friday: If I had to pick a last-place finisher (a bet they would never actually offer at the track because people involved with horse racing understand better than most that people […] Read More »

Annual Kentucky Derby Predictions

I’m not sure why, since I don’t think anyone should or does care, but every year I indulge myself by posting Kentucky Derby picks. In contrast to the last two years, my computer model has some strong predictions for this year’s Derby. The two horses I like best from a betting perspective (i.e. the ones […] Read More »

FREAK Shots: I'm Just Here for the Horses and Gin

I spent my Thanksgiving at the New Orleans Fair Grounds Racetrack in a gaudy hat, betting on horses. A U.S.A. Today photographer snapped this photo of me: Photo: Sean Gardner/U.S.A. Today By the time I left the track, I had spent $20 on bets, made back $33 in winnings, bought lunch for $5, and had […] Read More »

Thoroughbred Breakdowns and Preakness Predictions

The breakdown of Eight Belles in this year’s Kentucky Derby, just a few years after Barbaro‘s broken leg in the Preakness, has a lot of people worried about the safety and welfare of thoroughbreds. Statistics on the frequency of horses breaking down are elusive. The closest thing to official statistics I could find comes from […] Read More »

Kentucky Derby Time

Despite a complete lack of expertise and insight, I’ve made it an annual tradition here at the Freakonomics blog to offer my picks in horse racing’s Triple Crown. I’ve had some lucky successes (like Giacomo at 50-1), and, not surprisingly, some duds. My buddy Bill Hessert and I actually invested a little time over the […] Read More »