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How Much Is Your iPhone App?

Is there price discrimination among iPhone apps that translate between languages? Read More »

Need to Know How Charitable You Are? There's an App for That

Chapter 3 of SuperFreakonomics, called “Unbelievable Stories About Apathy and Altruism,” takes a look at the research of John List (the Univ. of Chicago economist, not the notorious murderer of the same same — although the same chapter does cast a new light on a famous murder as well). List’s research challenges the prevailing wisdom on a few decades’ worth of lab experiments which seemed to prove that human beings are innately fair or even altruistic. Read More »

Find My Phone

Corporations like Amazon and Sirius won’t help owners recover their lost gadgets, like cell phones or Kindles or the Sirius receiver. The article points out that “iPhone owners have a number of options to search for their handsets, including features that use GPS technology to send out virtual semaphores.” Read More »

What Do the iPhone and Jonathan Franzen Have in Common?

Or, put another way:

What does WalMart have in common with Oprah Winfrey?

The writer Jonathan Franzen is best known for his 2001 novel The Corrections. He carries a very strong reputation among the high-end literary set, and is as opinionated about said set (in the affirmative) as he is scornful of low-end culture. Read More »

Is Tipping Really So Hard?

Here’s what I came across while browsing the finance section of the App Store on my new iPhone: iTip, from palaware iTip, from Uncouth Software BigTipper, from PureBlend Software TipCalc, from BAMsoft Tiptap, from Made with Bananas Tipulator, from tap tap tap Tip Calc, from Charles Ying Tip, from Carlos Perez CheckPlease, from Catamount Software […] Read More »

Amazing New Trade Data

Wow. We really do live in the midst of a tidal wave of more detailed and interesting data. The latest:, the brainchild of brothers Ryan and David Petersen, with Michael Kanko. They exploit customs reporting obligations and Freedom of Information requests to organize and publish — in real-time — the contents of every shipping […] Read More »

Does the New iPhone Have Dumping Its GPS Stock?

Mere hours after Apple’s announcement of a new GPS-enabled iPhone, I received this e-mail from Is this in response to the new iPhone? Wouldn’t surprise me. never ceases to amaze me in its responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to try new things — even if a lot of them fail. Experimentation is so cheap […] Read More »

How Much Does a Free iPhone Update Cost?

This morning I downloaded an update on the software for my iPhone. As so often happens with software updates, it completely screwed up the device, requiring me to spend an hour with tech support trying to get things fixed. One frequently faces the choice of whether to update software or not. The gains are some […] Read More »