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How to Lose Millions in a Day Without Benefit of the Stock Market

Matthew J. Darnell, writing on Yahoo!’s N.F.L. blog, talks about how Andre Smith, an Alabama offensive lineman slotted as a potential overall No. 1 draft pick, has destroyed his own value with a series of bad decisions and, most recently, a really bad workout in front of pro scouts: I can’t recall anyone’s draft stock […] Read More »

Some Advice for Gold-Diggers

The Los Angeles Times reports that membership at online dating sites has increased substantially this year; eHarmony, for example, was up 20 percent. In light of the economy, we wonder how many of these online daters joined up to do some gold-digging. They should be careful. As research by Gunter Hitsch, Ali Hortacsu, and Dan […] Read More »

Is This Where the $700 Billion Is Going?

There was a lot of noise last week about how the banks who’ve been drawing down the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program fund can’t account for how the money is being spent. It’s not like $700 billion can just disappear, right? Well, a reader named Gannon Hubbard wrote in with a hunch as to where […] Read More »

FREAK Shots: When Money Goes Down the Toilet

At around 231 million percent, Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation (which we’ve written about before) is currently the highest in the world. Blog reader Ben Saltsman sent us this photo of a restroom sign in South Africa, which hints at one use for Zimbabwe’s severely devalued currency: Photo: Eugine Baron But is it cost-effective for Zimbabweans to use […] Read More »

McCain, the Media, Money, and Montesinos (and Obama Too)

So Barack Obama continues to raise millions upon millions of dollars, and if he wins the election a lot of people will certainly attribute his victory, at least in significant part, to this money. But should they? We addressed this topic in Freakonomics. Our argument was based on a clever piece of research by Steve […] Read More »

Suze Orman Answers Your Money Questions

Suze Orman Earlier this week, we solicited your questions for Suze Orman. You asked about paying college debt, choosing a good retirement plan, and — especially with a week like this — how safe your money is. In her answers below, Orman also offers a question to ask whenever deciding what to do with your […] Read More »

This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Good

It seems like there are only losers when it comes to mortgage debt, but that can’t be the case. The folks who sold the stuff to the companies that are being hurt are clearly winners; they pawned off their mortgage debt for far more than it turned out to be worth. And I can only […] Read More »

I'm Not Cheap Enough for a Six-Hour Laundry Session

One of the most profound ideas in economics is household production: the idea that people can choose how to do things by combining their time and their purchases — and then utilize substitution depending on the prices of each. There is more than one way to take a vacation: it can be short and expensive […] Read More »