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You Willing to Put Money on That?

Over at, Nate Silver challenged bloggers to stand behind their beliefs on climate change by wagering money and risk shaming by Silver if they back out. No takers. Read More »

Is Legal Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable?

| Polling guru Nate Silver has built a regression model, based on demographic and political trends, to forecast when a majority of the voting public in each of the 50 states might vote against a gay-marriage ban, or vote to repeal an existing one. His findings: by 2016, most states will have legalized gay marriage, […] Read More »

FREAK-Quently Asked Questions: Nate Silver

Nate Silver is the proprietor of, where his statistical wizardry (and common sense) during the recent elections made him the biggest new political star after a certain family named Obama.

He didn’t do quite so well on the Oscars but, really, do we care? Read More »