Ticketfree Responds

I received the following email from Kyle Tower, one of the lead members of the Ticketfree team, responding to my earlier post on speeding insurance.

Never Pay a Speeding Ticket Again?

A couple weeks ago, Ian Ayres became briefly fascinated and somewhat appalled by the appearance of a new Internet business that offered a sort of insurance against speeding tickets. In return for an annual fee of $169, ticketfree.org promised to reimburse you for the costs of up to $500 in moving violations. Then, the site suddenly disappeared. Why?

Bad News For Meter-Maids

The parking meter has been almost unchanged since I started driving in 1959: one meter per space; put your money in the slot.

In my driving in Northern Europe I never see parking meters; I buy a piece of paper at a parking automat (typically one per block), put it on my dashboard. Why the difference?

Pareto Parking

We parked our car at the Austin airport for six days, and my brother then picked it up to use during his three-day visit to my mother. He left it in airport parkinglot when he flew off three days later, a few hours before we returned.

FREAK Shots: The Sacred Hydrant

Freakonomics reader Rich Beckman took this photo in Washington, D.C. on the grounds of the Capitol building: Photo: Rich Beckman Then he asks a natural question: “If the hydrant isn’t working, what does it matter if someone parks there?” Dubner asked a similar question on this blog: why is parking in front of fire hydrants […]

Our Daily Bleg: Some Good Parking Solutions, Please

We like to give readers the chance to ask their own bleg — i.e., to use this blog to beg for ideas or information. Here’s an interesting one from a reader named Philip . I look forward to your input; you can send your own bleg suggestions here. Many cities around the country have parking […]

Football, Sex, and Parking

An old adage is that a university is a happy place if the administration provides football for the alumni, parking for the faculty, and sex for the students. I assume that the free market is working well at my university for the students; and the university administration always works hard on football for the alumni: […]