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Is It Time to Rename "Digital Piracy"?

In light of the recent spate of Somali pirate attacks (here’s one interesting long view, and here’s another), I wonder if it’s time to start calling “digital piracy” something else. Read More »

Leave the Copper, Take the Syrup

| Before the crash of 2008, when commodity prices for everything from oil to copper to lead were at record levels, the news was rife with stories of odd thefts. Manhole covers went missing, stolen and sold off to scrapyards. Foreclosed homes were stripped of their copper wiring and pipes. Lead roof tiles were pilfered […] Read More »

Is a Wave of Scuppie Shoplifting Upon Us?

Perhaps not surprisingly, a crime trends survey of 52 U.S. retailers conducted by the Retail Industry Leaders Association found that 84 percent of them experienced an increase in “amateur/opportunistic” shoplifting last fall compared to the same period a year earlier. In this Gothamist interview, a self-proclaimed shoplifter, his/her identity obscured, details how he/she efficiently steals […] Read More »

Our Daily Bleg: Who Are the Gas Siphoners?

A reader from Boston named Robert Veneman-Hughes writes in with a bleg request on a subject we’ve wondered about before here: gas siphoning. Here’s what I wrote not long ago at the end of a post about an increase in theft of catalytic converters: I haven’t read many articles lately about people who steal gas […] Read More »

Forget Ferraris, Lock Up Your Bulldozer

In Moscow, you might be more likely to find a LoJack system on a dump truck than a Porsche. Russia’s domestic supply of construction equipment can’t meet the demand created by Moscow’s construction boom, Reuters reports — so thieves are lifting asphalt-pavers, cranes, and other heavy machinery from construction sites. Maybe someone can propose a […] Read More »