Wall Street's Identity Crisis

Some on Wall Street think of themselves as the fighter jocks of American capitalism. Justin Fox thinks they’re more like bumper car drivers, “spending more time tangling with each other than doing anything useful.” Either way, now that the market has tanked and the public has turned on bankers, many on the Street find themselves […]

Wall Street's Brain Drain

Remember when we wondered if stricter regulations and restrictions on executive compensation would spark an exodus of talented bankers from top Wall Street firms? Turns out it’s happening, and it’s probably not a bad thing. [%comments]

What’s an Institution You Admire?

Photo: geckorem We are in the midst of a national miasma in which the federal government and Wall Street in particular are considered practically vile. I am sure this will change — either when these institutions improve themselves or when the public moves on to another target. It is easy to assail institutions because they […]

Place Your Stock Bets Here

At its heart, Inspectd is a simple game: it shows you a chart of historical data on a random stock, asks you to bet on whether the stock’s price will rise or fall, and then immediately tells you if you won or lost — with another performance chart showing you why. And maybe that instant […]

Jim Cramer Answers Your Questions

Jim Cramer offers candid answers to readers' questions.

Your Hedge Fund Questions, Answered

A few days ago, we solicited your questions for hedge fund manager Neil Barsky. As always, your questions were terrific, and so are Barsky’s answers, below. One thing that surprised me, however, is that nobody asked Barsky, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, what he thinks about Rupert Murdoch‘s purchase of the Journal (and the […]

Got Hedge Fund Questions? Bring ‘Em On.

I have a friend named Neil Barsky who used to be a journalist and now runs a hedge fund. This is not a typical progression in the journalism field. But that’s the fact. He did most of his journalism for the Wall Street Journal, principally covering real estate, and then he worked as a research […]

And Today Is…

On July 31, 1914, officials shut down the New York Stock Exchange following news that Germany had declared Kriegsgefahrzustand (defined as an “imminent-danger-of-war situation“) while Austria and Turkey were already mobilizing.

The FREAKest Links: Luck Be A Hot Dog Edition

We’ve written about the power of “lucky 8s” to influence stock decisions. Now, with 7/7/07 approaching, LiveScience takes a look at the many people planning major life events for that signal day. In a dose of bad luck, the Japanese man who holds the world record for hot dog eating has severely injured his jaw […]

The Benefits of a Bubble, Even When Burst

Daniel Gross is a very good and quite prolific writer on the economy, from his “Moneybox” columns in Slate to his “Economic View” columns in the New York Times; soon, he will be taking his skills to Newsweek. His new book, Pop! Why Bubbles are Great for the Economy, tells the story of various American […]